More Categories in Watches

Watches are a must-have accessory for men and women. Due to their versatility of available styles, watches can be donned at work, at home, during workouts, and beyond. Sam’s Club offers a variety of styles and models, so you are sure to find something - or some things - you’ll love. Read the following information to help you with your watch purchase.

What are some different styles of men’s watches and ladies’ watches?

  • Luxury watches are for those who are fans of style. Men’s watches and ladies’ watches of the kind can be adorned in white gold or yellow gold. These watches are great for formal occasions.
  • Diamond watches are very popular consumer items. Watches of the kind are visually beautiful and efficient timepieces. They call for a combination of precious metals and luxurious diamonds.
  • Many people desire a watch to wear to work. Ladies’ watches of the sort can range from exquisite to a bit more informal and the same goes for men’s watches. You will want to purchase a watch that is in accord with your specific job description.
  • Casual watches are versatile timepieces. They can be worn in informal settings such as weekends, chores, after work hours, and beyond. Some men’s watches of a casual variety come with a leather strap to add to its informal nature.
  • Dressy watches call for a more formal occasion such as dinners, gala events, holiday gatherings, and beyond. Ladies’ watches of the sort may adopt more of a longer, slender shape to add to the elegant nature of the watch.
  • Sport watches are great for going to the gym or when engaged in physical activity. Most are water resistant and extra durable. Men’s watches of the variety usually have a leather or hard-plastic band and a large face.
  • Stylish watches infuse a number of other styles to provide diversified options. For instance, men’s watches could be worn at formal or informal events depending on the rest of the guy’s attire. They can be made of chrome or a combination of precious metals.

What are some other factors to consider regarding my watch purchase?

  • Decide what kind of face you would like your watch to have. Men’s watches either have a circular face or a square face. Some square faces are elongated to give the watch more of a formal look. Ladies’ watches are offered with the same range of faces, yet the faces of women’s watches are smaller to be in accord with their smaller features.
  • What kind of band would you prefer? Some watches have leather bands, hard-plastic bands, or metal bands, though hard-plastic bands are usually reserved for sport watches. Many men’s watches and ladies’ watches come with a band made of chrome, white gold, yellow gold, or a blend of precious metals. More formal styles will most likely have a metal band.
  • As previously stated, watches really are a staple item for any kind of dress. Think about purchasing more than one watch to provide you with an additional accessory depending on the occasion.
  • What kind of features would you like your watch to have? Some watches relay the date, phases of the moon, world time, and beyond. In addition, many sport watches have advanced features related to cardiovascular exercise such as pulse rate and a stop watch feature.
  • Think about purchasing a watch winder. An automatic watch has a mechanism that requires regular motion to keep the inner components constantly charged. This motion is usually provided as it is worn. Once removed from the wrist, the stored energy will only run for one to three days (depending upon the model), then the watch will need to be rewound and reset. Many automatic watches have additional features such as date, moon phase, world time, annual calendars, etc. so the task of rewinding and recalibrating a watch if it runs down is best avoided via purchase of a watch winder.