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What Are the Best Ways to Organize Your Tools?

Since tools come in weird shapes and sizes and often have additional parts and attachments, they can be difficult to organize. Luckily, at Sam's Club, we have everything you need for tool organization so all your tools will have their own little home instead of cluttering up your workbench.

Why should I organize my tools?

Because you'll be able to find everything, making your life easier and more efficient. Think about how nice it will be to tackle that DIY project without running around searching for the tools you need.

How do I organize my garage/workshop on a budget?

When you shop at Sam's Club, you'll get our everyday members-only prices so you can organize your garage/workshop within your budget with cabinets or shelving. We carry tool organization products and more at price points that suit every budget.

What Are the Different Ways to Organize Your Tools?

What are the advantages of a toolbox?

Toolboxes are essential when it comes to tool organization. These can be as simple as a portable option you can carry around the house for various DIY repairs to large chests with many drawers and caster wheels to move around a shop. We carry a range of toolboxes in various sizes and styles to organize all your tools.

What are the advantages of a pegboard?

Pegboards are a great space-saving storage solution, as they allow you to store your tools on the wall. Pegboards use specially designed tool holders for everything from small wrenches to larger power tools. You can even attach bins to hold parts or your tool belt. We have pegboards large and small in a variety of finishes. Some even come with organizational guides to make everything easier.

What are the advantages of tool shelves?

Shelving is great for storing larger tools that are difficult to hang or put in a box. We carry sturdy shelves you can mount on the wall that are perfect for storing larger items like sanders, drills, or even your toolbox itself. You can also use shelves with bins to hold smaller items like nails and screws.

What are the advantages of storage chests?

Tools chests are a great solution if you want to put everything into one space and need some heavy duty security. Our tool chests have deep and shallow drawers to hold large and small items. Plus, they're lockable so you can control access to your tools.

What Sizes and Features Can I Choose for Tool Organization?

Selecting the right tool storage solution depends on what tools you're storing. If you have a lot of tools and do a lot of handiwork, you may need a complete storage system with cabinets, toolboxes, pegboards, and more. If you just have basics, a simple toolbox should do the trick.

At Sam's Club, our Home Garage Center has everything you need to keep all your stuff tidy at exclusive members-only prices.


Always measure the dimensions when you're selecting any kind of storage. You need to know how much space you have to work with and the size of what you're storing, before making a purchase. If you need drawers or a toolbox, consider the depth. If you have large tools, they likely won't fit in a shallow drawer.


Magnetic tool storage is a good option if you need to be able to quickly grab things as you go. It's not ideal for heavier tools and items, but a magnetic board for nails and drill bits can be very useful.


If you need to be mobile, consider a rolling toolbox, cart, or cabinet. We carry many rolling options that have drawers, shelves, and worktops on wheels that you can easily move around your garage or workspace.


If you must store tools outside, consider specific outdoor tool storage options like a weatherproof storage box.


Many of our storage solutions have drawers ranging in depth so you can properly store all your tools and accessories. If you need extra security, we have locking options.


Garage storage cabinets are a great solution for tools and anything else that needs a home in your garage. At Sam's Club, we have a ton of storage cabinet options to choose from.

Wall Storage

We carry a range of wall storage options, from pegboards to shelves to wall cabinets. These are great for keeping things off the ground and in plain sight. Our wall storage solutions can hold everything from storage bins to cordless tools and more.

What to Consider when Buying toolboxes?

What are the best materials for tool organization and storage?

When storing tools, you need sturdy materials. We carry toolboxes and other storage solutions made from steel, stainless steel, polypropylene, plastic, aluminum, and more, for durable, long-lasting organization. If you need heavy duty organization systems, we've got those too.

Where should I store my tools?

It's best to keep your tools inside, like in your garage, shed, or workspace. Wherever you decide to store your tools, we carry many organization options that will keep your tools safe.

What Brands of Tool Organization Does Sam's Club Sell?

Sam's Club carries a wide range of top tool organization brands. You'll get members-only prices on name brands like:

  • Diamond Life
  • Duraboard
  • Durahook
  • Edsal
  • Excel
  • Gladiator
  • Haus
  • Locbin
  • Locboard
  • Locking Pegboard Hooks
  • Magclip
  • Muscle Rack
  • NewAge Products
  • Pegboard
  • Sandusky
  • Seville Classics
  • Slatwall
  • Storability
  • Tempered Wood Pegboard

FAQ - Tool Organization

What kind of security should I have for my tools?

Having proper security for your tools is important, especially if you have kids. Plus, tools are expensive and can be dangerous, so you don't want them ending up in the wrong hands. We sell a variety of tool organization options with locking features, from key locks to electronic locks.

How do I childproof my tool area?

Ensuring your tool area is safe is important. Children should never be in your tool area unsupervised, and when they are in the area, they need to wear safety goggles.

Properly affix shelves and cabinets to the walls to avoid falls. All sharp and harmful items should be properly stored and locked in a tool chest or toolbox. You can use safety latches and locks on drawers and cabinets, doorknob covers to prevent access to your tool area, and other methods. For more information, follow childproofing guidelines from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

What are the most important tools to have for a house?

There are many tools that are necessary for a home, but if you're only in need of essentials, these basic hand tools will do: hammer, multi-bit screwdriver, drill, adjustable wrench, pliers, tape measure, level, and a flashlight.

Check out our selection of toolkits to get started.

How do you hang a pegboard?

Each pegboard comes with its own installation instructions, but you'll simply use the included hardware to affix the board to the wall. Be sure to mount it to studs on the wall for safety.

Which tools can I store outside?

It's generally not a good idea to store tools outside, especially if you live in a harsh climate. Tools left outside can rust or break, and electronic tools should always be kept indoors.

Keeping your tools inside the garage or shed is best, and our tool organization and storage solutions can ensure they last a long time.