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Swing Sets and Playsets for Kids

Are you considering an outdoor swing set for your backyard? If so, you’ll be glad to know that Sam’s Club is your expert swing set destination. The depth and breadth of play systems available today is quite impressive. At Sam's Club, you’ll find a huge selection of play equipment, including kids’ playsets and swing sets in a variety of sizes, styles and materials.  

There are plenty of outdoor playsets with special features like a sandbox, trapeze bar glider, a rock wall or a climbing rope. The more things to do on a deluxe playset, the more time kids will spend in outdoor play!

Swing Sets 101

Not sure where to start? We’ll help you with tips for choosing the best backyard playset or swing set for your backyard. There are a few things to consider when you’re choosing the perfect swing set. Swing sets for kids come in many configurations. Some just have swings and others have additional features. Are there any particular activities that you and your kids are looking for? In addition to regular swings, some playsets for kids offer special features like slides, ladders and monkey bars. There are even outdoor playsets with forts, which are perfect when the kids need some shade from the sun or when they want to pretend they have their own treehouse or clubhouse! The playset experts at Sam’s Club® are happy to provide you with additional tips and advice about features for the little ones. 

Are you familiar with the most popular swing sets? Sam’s Club offers bestselling swingsets and playsets from Backyard Discovery, KidKraft, Gorilla Playsets and Little Tikes. Materials include deluxe cedar wood swing sets (wooden swing sets) as well as heavy-duty metal swing sets and plastic swing sets. Real wood swing sets are high quality and lovely addition to any yard. Metal swing sets are weather-resistant, and are made to last. Plastic swing sets are a good option for very small children.

What You Should Know About a Swing Set Before Buying


First, consider the play area you have for the swing set in your outdoor space. One consideration is being able to see the playset from inside. This is one additional precaution to take if you’re not able to be outside with the kids while they’re playing 100% of the time. Measure the area, and be sure to consider that you’ll want quite a bit of space in front and behind the swings. If you’re looking at playsets with slides, you’ll also want a “safe zone” around the slide area to allow for kids to safely get off the slide after their turn and move aside for the next child.

Swing Types

There are several types of swings available at Sam’s Club. You’re probably most familiar with sling swings or belt swings. These are the types of swings you most often see at public parks. Sling swings and belt swings look like the letter “U” when they’re hanging. They’re simple and sturdy, and can safely hold children as well as many adults. Bucket swings are for smaller kids. They offer some back support and safety features for children as young as six months. Tire swings are another popular swing type. Large tire swings are typically suspended by sturdy chains and can accommodate multiple children. Always check the intended age range before you purchase a swing set.


You might be wondering: What is the average height of a swing set? If you’re looking at toddler swing sets, you can find some that are around 75 inches, or just over 6 feet high. The outdoor swing sets for school-age children are typically between 11 and 12 feet high. Keep in mind that the height of the swings will also affect how much space is needed around the swing set. The higher the height, the more room is needed for swinging in front and in back.


Check the assembly information before you make a purchase. While smaller, toddler-sized sets are DIY and can be set up in a few hours, some larger sets require two people and a longer time commitment. For an intricate swing set, you’ll want to set aside a few days and be sure you have someone else to help you. Also, check the assembly instructions to make sure you have the proper tools. It does take a bit of time and effort to build the perfect backyard playground for kids, but it’s worth it because they will be able to enjoy it for years to come and you’ll love watching them play.


Did you know that some of the swing sets and playsets from Sam’s Club come with free shipping? Check out the selection here. And remember, all products from Sam’s Club are available at members-only prices, so no matter what you choose, you’re always getting an excellent value.

Want some help getting your new swing set installed? Sam’s Club offers expert installation services. There is sometimes a fee for this service, but there is also a selection of swing sets that come with free installation. When you’re shopping, look for the words “with free installation” in the title of the product.


Every swing set should come with instructions for regular upkeep, but there are also some important tips from the swing set experts at Sam’s Club. Set a reminder to do a safety check your swing set once a month. Check the bolts and make sure they’re tight. Inspect the swing set for cracks, rust and other signs of wear. Remember, all swing sets should be cleaned regularly. Use a damp cloth to clean off the dirt. When the weather is snowy or rainy, it’s best to cover your swing set with a canopy

Want to add even more fun to your yard? How about a rock climbing wall? Or trampolines! Plus, Jum ping on trampolines is great exercise for kids of all ages. And, let your children pretend the day away in one of the outdoor playhouses from Sam's Club. You can choose a quaint cottage, a Victorian mansion, or something in between. Or, turn your yard into the most popular place in the entire neighborhood when you add a bounce house ! They’re not only great for parties. They’re fun every day of the week! Sam’s Club has a great selection of bounce houses, from small ones for younger kids to larger bounce castles with slides and ball pits. Come join the fun and create the perfect backyard playground  for kids! (And find a picnic table for adults, while you're at it!) The experts at Sam’s Club will make playset selection child's play.

What's the Best Outdoor Playset?

Once you take into consideration the outdoor space available, determine your playset needs, be it a simple swing set or a deluxe playset with a tire swing, rock climbing wall, trapeze bar or a playhouse . Consider playset material, installation, price and shipping costs. Whatever you choose, Sam's Club has the playset that'll keep your kids active and happy!