More Categories in SquareTrade


When you make an important purchase, you want to make sure it’s going to last. That’s why Sam’s Club offers SquareTrade. With SquareTrade, you can protect valuable items such as televisions, tablets, computers, cameras, portable electronics and appliances. Buying a SquareTrade protection plan is like buying insurance against damage or accidents. If you’re purchasing one of these items as a gift, be sure you have a SquareTrade accident protection plan. For example, if you purchase a smartphone for your child, you can add a 2-year SquareTrade contract and the phone will be protected against accidents such as drops and spills. SquareTrade insurance also covers identity theft, so you’ll have peace of mind when you make your purchase.

When you buy a new appliance at Sam’s Club, your SquareTrade warranty serves as an appliance protection plan. This type of protection plan covers unexpected leaks, power surge failures and more.

It’s always exciting to bring a new computer home. And when you do, you’ll want to protect it with a home electronics warranty and a SquareTrade home electronics protection plan. Protect your computer, tablet or notebook for several years and get the most from your devices. There are various timeframes for SquareTrade service contracts. Choose the service plan you want, and then rest easy, knowing that you have protection against accidental damage, electrical failure and more. Coverage details vary, depending on which protection plan you choose. SquareTrade protection plans are available on major purchases such as appliances, jewelry, smartphones, computers and other electronics. You have 30 days from the original purchase date of the qualifying item to add a SquareTrade contract. Get yours today!