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Chances are, you’ve experienced the luxurious feeling of a spa, soaking tub or hot tub. Whether you were on vacation or at your local gym, you know that there’s simply nothing more relaxing than immersing yourself in hot water. Plus, the jets in many hot tubs and spas provide much-needed relief for sore muscles, which is perfect for anyone who works out a lot or has a stiff neck and shoulders from sitting at a desk all day.

While sitting and relaxing in a spa seems like a luxury that may be out of reach to the average person, you may be surprised to know that Sam’s Club carries a wide variety of backyard spas at member-only prices. You and your family may be closer than ever to having a spa in your very own backyard. Imagine having the option to soak in your spa anytime you like!

Before you start shopping for a backyard hot tub at Sam’s Club, there are a few things to consider. First, decide how many people you’d like the spa to accommodate. Backyard spas come in a wide range of sizes. The smaller ones are comfortable for two adults while the larger ones will accommodate five or six adults. Next, think about where you would place the backyard spa. Measure the space and keep the measurements handy while you’re shopping, so you can easily determine which spas will be the best fit for your yard. Hot tub covers are generally included in the price of the hot tub.

In addition to soaking in jetted tubs, you may also be interested in the affordable saunas at Sam’s Club. One great thing about the saunas at Sam’s Club is that they are self-contained units. You can choose a sauna that holds 1 or 2 people or opt for a sauna that holds up to 4 people. The saunas at Sam’s Club are not complicated to put together. Plus, they are easy to operate and maintain. Many of them are infrared saunas, designed for optimal energy efficiency. You’re going to love all the sauna benefits!

Take your backyard to the next level with a home spa or home sauna from Sam’s Club. Imagine yourself coming home from a difficult day and being able to completely relax in the warmth of a sauna or hot tub spa. Sam’s Club members agree that adding one of these to your back yard is more than worthwhile. It’s life-changing!