More Categories in Snacks


Sam's Club® has a wide selection of snacks that are suitable for any taste, lifestyle and age group to enjoy at home, school or work. Whether you want something crunchy, sweet, healthy or salty, you are sure to find the snacks you want here.

Types of Snacks

If you are in the mood for a crunchy snack, many people shop for chips, which come in many flavors and varieties. In addition to potato chips, seasoned tortilla chips are popular snacks to enjoy at home and social gatherings.

Healthy snacks are great to keep around as they satisfy hunger and snack cravings, but tend to be lighter in fat and calories than other options. Our fresh fruits and mixed nuts are not only tasty, but are filled with vitamins and nutrients as well. CLIF bars are popular for both kids and adults and are packed with whole grains and protein.

Cookies are an excellent sweet snack and come in a variety of tastes and textures. Crispy chocolate chip cookies make an excellent dessert, and we have cookies that are also fantastic alongside an afternoon coffee.

Choosing Snacks

If you are looking for a portable snack for your kids' lunchboxes that can also be a wonderful post-dinner snack, thick and luscious pudding makes an ideal choice.

For a snack that is great to enjoy with co-workers in the office breakroom, popcorn is a delicious and timeless choice that can be purchased as kernels or already popped.

Breakfast and snack bars are a wonderful choice for individuals and families who tend to eat breakfast on-the-go.

No matter what type of snack you are looking for, you'll have plenty to choose from here at Sam's Club and enjoy our members-only pricing.