More Categories in Kitchen Appliances

Small Appliances

From blenders, juicers and mixers to coffee makers and tea pots, the small appliances at Sam’s Club® help keep your kitchen well equipped for your daily needs. Choose from a wide selection of kitchen appliances for your home or for a break room at work.

Blenders, Juicers and Mixers

Whether you want to make fresh smoothies, salsa or pureed soups, you can find the appliance you need at Sam’s Club. We carry blenders with heavy-duty motors for quick and effective blending, along with appliances designed just for smoothies and shakes. Enjoy healthy juices and soups or fun mixed shakes with our wide selection of modern kitchen appliances.

Coffee Makers and Teapots

The coffee makers and teapots at Sam’s Club serve a variety of needs. You’ll find espresso and cappuccino machines, as well as easy-to-use iced tea makers. Choose your appliance not only based on the type of beverage you want to make, but also on the number of cups you need at a time. There are also special features to consider, such as frothing systems for lattes and cappuccinos, and brew timers so you can program your machine ahead of time.


Microwaves can save you time and make meal preparation much more convenient. The microwaves at Sam’s Club include both countertop and over-the-range options for your kitchen. Some have unique features, like sensor cooking technology that can determine cooking time automatically. There are also compact microwaves that are suitable for everyday use in an office or small kitchen space.

Toasters and Toaster Ovens

If you want to shop for toasters and ovens, check out the range of options at Sam’s Club. A standard toaster could be just what you need for everyday use. A countertop oven gives you more options, whether you want to make a pan of cookies or heat up some pizza. For small tasks, toaster ovens are also a convenient option to bake, toast, broil and reheat without having to use a large oven or a microwave.

Countertop Appliances

These aren’t the only small appliances you’ll find at Sam’s Club. We have a wide variety of countertop appliances, including ice makers, crock pots, vacuum sealers, bread makers and much more. Whatever your cooking needs, there is a good chance you’ll find a specialty appliance that can help. With countertop appliances, you get easy portability that makes for convenient storage as well. Choose among the many small cooking appliances at Sam’s Club to make life easier in the kitchen.


We also have a Ninja Foodi Grill.