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Small Animals and Pet Care

Having a pet at home is fun for everyone in the family, and a great way to teach kids about caring for a furry friend. At Sam’s Club®, you’ll find a wide variety of pet supplies, designed to give you the support you need to keep your little pal healthy and happy.

Choosing a Home for Your Pet

Sam’s Club offers a wide selection of habitats for different pets, including rabbits, fish, dogs and cats. You’ll find portable chicken coops that come in handy during trips and larger chicken coops that give chickens enough room to run around. You’ll also find homes designed for indoor use and more durable options that can be installed outdoors.

Grooming and Cleanup

Worried about smells or stains? Sam’s Club offers a variety of stain cleaners and sanitizers that you can use to keep your pet's environment clean. You’ll find everything from liquid cleaners in large bottles to solid odor absorbers. Keeping your pet and its space clean not only prevents unpleasant smells, but it also reduces the risk of possible infections. If you've got an aquarium at home, you’ll need aquarium supplies or fish tank kits.

Feeding and Playtime

Prevent your small pet from getting into mischief by ensuring it's well fed and frequently engaged. Sam's Club offers both wet and dry food options. Wet food can be a useful option if you’re trying to keep your pet hydrated. However, dry food is easier to store and can be left out for longer periods. The easiest solution is to choose whatever your pet loves. Some pets prefer wet food while others enjoy the crunchy feel of dry food. Maybe you own a rabbit, a cute dog or several chickens. Maybe you own all three. Whatever your needs, you’re in the right place. You can start your search for small animal accessories and supplies using the intuitive search tool offered on each page.