More Categories in Resume & Fine Paper

Resume and Fine Paper

Sam’s Club® carries a wide variety of resume and fine paper. Our selection of premium paper is ideal for creating important documents and making a great first impression.

Types of Paper

Resume paper is made from a variety of materials, including cotton to give it a smooth look and feel. This paper is compatible with inkjet and laser printers. It can also be used with copiers and is ideal for printing resumes and cover letters.

For important documents that need to convey quality and leave a lasting impression, fine paper is a top choice when printing. Brands like Southworth feature a nice selection of fine paper. including parchment paper for creating for creating certificates and awards.

Linen paper is ideal for proposals, presentations and reports. Its high-quality appearance is perfect for expressing important ideas. Linen graphite binding covers can also keep important documents protected and better organized while also giving a professional look.

Choosing Resume and Fine Paper

What do you need fine paper for? It's ideal to use if you're writing a resume and cover letter to catch the attention of the hiring department for a desired job. If you're a manager at a business or a school teacher, you may like decorative parchment certificate paper to award employees or students with a personalized certificate of excellence for their hard work.

No matter what you may need fine paper for, at Sam’s Club you can find exactly what you need amongst our selection at a great price.