More Categories in Calculator & Receipt Rolls

Calculator and Receipt Rolls

Sam’s Club® carries calculator and receipt roll supplies for businesses and home offices. These paper rolls are designed for devices like adding machines that allow you to keep track of business expenses, income and taxes.

Types of Calculator and Receipt Rolls

Calculator paper is typically made of premium white bonded paper and come in packs of multiple rolls. These rolls have an indicator that let you know when the roll is almost finished and are manufactured to OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications. Brands like Alliance create high-quality calculator paper available in several sizes depending on your device and in value packs.

Thermal paper is also referred to as receipt paper. It is commonly used in cash registers and POS printers used in restaurants and stores. These thermal paper rolls come in a specific sizes and fit most compatible machines. Names like PM Company creates thermal paper that is one- or two-ply, with two-ply being ideal for businesses that want to keep a record for themselves and give the second sheet to the customer.

Choosing Calculator and Receipt Rolls

The correct type of paper depends on your specific tasks and the devices you use. Accounts and CPAs oftentimes need calculator paper for use in their adding machines.

Thermal paper may be the best choice for you if you use mobile printers or own a gas station with receipt printers at the pump. One-ply thermal paper is great for these tasks, although two-ply is helpful for stores who have customers that may request a copy of their receipt.

With these tips, we hope you will be able to find the correct calculator or receipt roll for you at Sam’s Club.