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Pretend Play

Have you ever seen your child using a rock as an imaginary car or moving about Lego pieces as if they were real creatures? Pretending is something that kids love to do as it gives them a chance to get creative and explore their own world of adventures. Sam’s Club™ has an extensive collection of pretend play toys that will allow them to be anything of their choice, from a butcher to a superhero. We also have pretend play games such as indoor tents and puppet theaters to help give wings to their creativity. Our toys and games collection offers plenty of ways for the whole family to join in on the fun.

What Are Some of the Best Pretend Play Options for Kids?

Be it a pretend play kitchen where your little one can cook his favorite meal or a pretend makeup set for toddlers in plastic that your child can use to give herself a makeover, pretend play toys and games can provide for a range of creative events for kids. Sam’s Club has an elaborate selection of pretend play games as well as learning and educational toys that can aid in your child’s education and development. Besides providing them with many hours of fun, these pretend and play school sets will help in their social development as well. We even carry pretend play washer and dryer sets, Barbie ultimate kitchen sets, and many more attractive options. Made in colorful varieties with non-toxic, durable materials, our products are of the highest quality standards and are safe for little children to use.

When Does Pretend Play Begin in Children?

The start of pretend games is usually observed in toddlers between the ages of 18 to 24 months. By the time they turn 24 months old, you will probably find them exhibiting play-acting behaviors. This is an age when dolls and stuffed toys can become their valuable companions. Toddlers aged around 3 years will really start exhibiting pretend play behaviors with tea parties and dinosaur battles. By the time they’re a year older, they‘ll start showcasing extended make-believe scenarios and storylines. This would be a good time to present them with Sam’s Club building sets and pretend play kitchen sets to help stimulate their creativity further. We have an elaborate offering for you to choose from. All of our products are safe for kids to use and are available at affordable rates.

How Important is Pretend Play?

Imagination and action are the cornerstones for learning of young children. Engaging in pretend play can prove to be very helpful for your little one’s development in various aspects. It helps in their emotional and social aspects of life by fostering cooperation, problem-solving and building on responsible behavior. Play-acting also helps in the development of language skills, in which they can develop a better understanding between written and spoken languages. It fosters creativity and a desire to think deeply, boosting their powers of imagination. Check out the full range of pretend play toys and games at Sam’s Club where we have high-quality products for better learning and development of your little ones. Available at affordable rates, these are the ideal solutions to help make your kids better thinkers and more social human beings in future.

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