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How to Shop for Personal Care Products and Toiletries: Buying Guide

Your collection of personal care products says a lot about you. Other than being great hygiene tools, they also ensure that you can keep your skin radiant as well. However, their effectiveness lies in the products that you opt to use. At Sam's Club, we have an array of products meant to help you achieve your hygiene and beauty needs.

Here are some insights for picking the right products.

What Are Personal Care Products?

Personal care products are items that are meant to help you with your hygienic and skin care routines. These items are things that you can barely do without in a single day. For instance, they include the soaps and deodorant you use every morning, facial cleanser, hair care, or lip balm.

The ideal products should do their job without putting your health at risk. That is why we recommended you always check the ingredients of your personal care products before using them. Some of the most common products that many have in their toiletry kits include:

  • Cotton pads
  • Soaps and body washes
  • Deodorants and antiperspirants
  • Tissue
  • Eyeliner
  • Hair clippers
  • Nail clippers
  • Cleansing pads
  • Shaving cream
  • Moisturizers
  • Shampoos and Conditioners
  • Hand soaps
  • Razors
  • Toothpaste and Toothbrushes
  • sunscreen

You should also concentrate on your specific health needs when purchasing personal care products. For instance, it might be wise to pick toothpaste for tooth sensitivity if you have pain or discomfort when brushing.

Some Personal Care Products That You Cannot Do Without

Men's Grooming Products

From facial hair to hair styling product, men need grooming products. Some of the most common products include beard brushes, hair clippers and beard oil. Your choice of products should leave your face looking amazing, and your beard clean and comfortable.

Facial Tissue

Facial tissues are the ideal personal care product for blowing your nose and washing off oily residues from your face. They can also help to ensure that your lipstick and eyeliner don't get messed up as you apply them.

Incontinence Aids

Incontinence can be quite frustrating, especially if it happens to you in public. The trick is to have the right tools to help with the condition. Items such as disposable pads, nappies, and all-in-one pads are a great addition to your arsenal when looking to fight incontinence.

Oral Care Products

Other than helping you get rid of bad breath, oral care products can help you improve your oral health. They help to not only preserve the integrity of your teeth but also improve the beauty of your smile. Some of the best products include toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash. Of course, it would be wise to buy a toiletries bag to help store these items while at home or traveling.

Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer

While hand soap will help you remove bacteria and germs from your hands, hand sanitizers kill them. By softening the membranes of the bacteria, the alcohol in the hand sanitizer renders the bacteria ineffective while killing them. However, both options will work well when it comes to embracing hygiene in your home.


Other than having your hair smell good, great shampoo removes dirt and oil from your hair. Ideally, you should look for shampoos with ingredients that will improve the health of your hair.


Conditioners help strengthen your hair shaft and prevent hair loss and breakage. It also helps to lock up the nutrients in your hair and keep pollutants out of it.

Menstrual Products

It is always wise to have the best menstrual products handy. Some of the items you can find at Sam's Club include pads and tampons. Having both options at hand can offer you some flexibility for your periods.


The best lotion should not only give you radiant skin but also help improve your skin health. The trick is to read through the ingredient list of the lotion to pick the right one.

Women's Shaving Hair Removal Products

Every woman needs to have the right tools by her side to help eliminate unwanted hair. Some of the best hair removal products include tweezers and hair removal creams.

What to Consider When Buying Personal Care Products?

The Personal Care Products You Need

The best products for you will depend on your needs. For instance, a person who is experiencing sensitivity in their tooth should look for a toothpaste that helps with this condition. Assess your situation and pick items that resonate with your needs. If you want to grow a beard, look for creams that will help keep it healthy.

Personal Care Routine

Use your personal care products as your typical schedule demands. For instance, if you go to the gym every day, make sure you have deodorants, soaps, and hair styling tools for home and the locker room. Pick items that will support your personal care routine.

What Personal Care Products Should I Keep On Hand?

Where you store your personal care products will depend on how often you use it. For instance, you might need to have facial tissues with you all the time to help with your oily skin. Also, it might be wise to stock up menstrual products to help in case of emergency. Think about how often you need to use an item before deciding whether it will be ideal to stock it up or have it with you always.

Frequency of Use

The number of times you need to use personal care products will dictate the rate at which you can finish using the packages. It also dictates if you should stock up the items or buy just a single piece. Concentrate on the number of times you use an item to know how to budget for it.

Package Sizes

The size of your care items will dictate a variety of aspects, from where you can use the packages from to how long it will last. For instance, you might need travel size toiletries to ensure that they take little space in your carry-on. The trick is to look at the situation in which you will be using the items to pick the perfect size of packaging. Sam's Club carries bulk personal care products.


Although price should be part of the considerations when picking toiletries and personal care products, it should not be the primary decisive factor. You need to look into how effective the product is, how it can help you achieve your goals, and what other alternatives you have.

What Brands Of Personal Care Products Does Sam's Club Sell?

Some of the most popular brands in our store include:

  • Secret
  • Olay
  • Neutrogena
  • Crest
  • Dial
  • Tampax
  • Dove
  • Tree Hut
  • Urban Decay
  • Axe

FAQ- Personal Care Products

How Much Do Personal Care Products Cost?

The costs of your products will depend on the brand, quantity and ingredients in it. However, price should never be the only deciding factor when picking personal care products.

What Does Toiletry Mean?

Toiletry is a collective term for personal care items that you need for grooming and hygiene. They can include toothbrushes, deodorant, face wash, dry shampoo, and makeup remover. You can find them all at Sam's Club at members-only prices.

Are Toiletries And Personal Care Products The Same?

Yes, toiletries and personal cares mean the same things. They are products meant for grooming and personal hygiene.

Does Insurance Cover Personal Care Products?

No, personal care products aren't covered by insurance.

What Toiletries Can You Take On A Plane?

The TSA has limitations on the types of toiletries you can take with you on a plane. Ideally, they should be at most 100 ml each and can fit in a one-quartz travels toiletries bag.

As a result, you should look for travel size toiletries that are small enough to fit in such a toiletries travel bag. Look for toiletries for babies when traveling and to ensure that your kids have their own personal care products.

What Are Travel Size Toiletries?

Toiletries for travel are personal care items that match the travel rules proposed by travel regulations such as through the TSA. Some of them include limitation on the volumes of fluids you can carry with you in your toiletry bag hanging or in your carry-on luggage.

Optimized personal care starts with picking the right personal care products. Before placing anything in your toiletries cabinet or toiletries kit, you should ensure that it upholds your health. Consider shopping from Sam's Club to find all your personal care needs.