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Pens, Pencils and Markers

Sam's Club® carries a variety of writing supplies, ranging from ball point pens to highlighters and permanent markers that are ideal for every project.


Whether taking notes, writing memos or creating a list, reliable pens that work whenever you reach for them are important. Keep a box of retractable pens on the shelf and make sure everyone can find one for jotting down notes. Gel ink pens come in traditional blue, black and red, along with bold, vibrant colors that let your personality shine through in everything you write. Countertop pens attach securely on a desk or table, reducing the cost associated with constantly buying replacements. Use porous point and felt tip pens for creating art projects and bold marks that you want everyone to notice.


Pencils are a necessity for school children of all ages. Wood pencils sharpen easily and create marks that are ideal for test-taking. Mechanical pencils allow you to release additional lead with the push of a button. The lead in mechanical pencils can also easily be replaced.


Markers come in different options that let you create everything from lasting works of art to informational signs. Permanent markers resist exposure to light and water. They can also feature fine, chisel and bold tips. Dry-erase markers are ideal for sharing information during meetings and lectures on whiteboards. Dry-erase kits include erasers and cleaning solutions so whiteboards are always ready to use.

Whether you want to make sure there are writing tools always available in your home or you want to share information with employees and others, the selection of pens, pencils and markers at Sam's Club gives you plenty of choices.