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Office Products for Every Budget

Sam’s Club has just about everything you could need to keep your office humming at all times, from basic office supplies like sticky notes, tape and staplers, to printing supplies like office paper and ink and toner for laser jet and inkjet printers, to critical office machines like time clocks, shredders, cash registers and label makers. You’ll find it all at Sam’s Club, and when you order online, you can get it right away so there’s no interruption in daily business.

The issue with office supplies is that they tend to get used up fast. That’s why before you know it, you can find costs adding up fast. If you’re not looking for bargains on office supplies, you’re probably letting a lot of money leak out of your business without even realizing it. If your balance sheet isn’t adding up the way you think it should, start ordering all your office supplies from Sam’s Club. You’ll love the quality of the products we offer, and you just might find that balance sheet looking better and better every month.

What supplies do I need for an office?

For a basic home office, start with pens and pencils, file folders, writing pads, sticky notes and a stapler. You'll probably also want a printer, so pick up printer paper and printer ink as well. Once you're set up with the basics, you can add additional supplies as they're needed. 

So head over to that supply closet now, see what’s missing, and stock up with Sam’s Club. You can order online, get your items right away, and get back to work.