More Categories in Office Safety & Security

Office Safety and Security

The safety of your employees' information along with company profits rely on having the proper procedures in place. Sam's Club® carries the office safety and security items that you need for optimizing business processes and maintaining a safe environment for everyone who enters your location.

Access Badges and Holders

Access badges and holders ensure only authorized personnel enter specific areas throughout your facility. Proximity badges are an important part of security processes. Strong, durable holders prevent loss and help employees keep track of their access badges. Retractable ID card reels have secure clips that make it difficult for unauthorized persons to remove them and they also allow workers to keep their IDs attached to their clothing even if accidently snagged on furnishings or equipment.

Make sure events go smoothly with printed and write-in ID badges. Keep visitor passes available so all employees know when important clients and people from other facilities are on the premises. Add self-laminating pouches so visitors and workers don't have to worry about damaging their IDs.

Safe Money Handling

Keep money secure with cash boxes and money handling supplies. Coin sorters let cashiers countdown drawers quickly and efficiently. Keep a supply of coin wrappers and currency straps on hand for easier money handling and transporting when making deposits and adding cash to drawers. Counterfeit bill detector pens protect your company and ensure all bills are legitimate.

Alarms and Detectors

Provide a safe environment throughout the workplace with alarms and detectors. Mirrors make sure employees can see around corners and in hard-to-see areas. Visitor chimes allow everyone to know when someone enters the facility, even when handling tasks in back rooms and offices.

The selection of key cabinets and other safety and security measures at Sam's Club makes it easy to keep your offices and cash register areas safer. From access badges to security mirrors and metal detectors, there are options available for a safe work environment to fit just about any budget.