More Categories in Paper & Envelopes

Paper and Envelopes

Sam’s Club® offers a wide selection of paper, card stock and envelopes for the office, the home and creative use.

Copy and Multipurpose Paper

Most offices want the same thing—the whitest, brightest sheets when it comes to multipurpose and copy paper. Manufacturers identify the whiteness of a sheet with a number ranging from 1 to 100. For that pearly white background, consider sheets that come with a brightness rating of 90 or higher.

Sheets also come with different weight ratings (measured in pounds or GSM). 20-pound sheets are a popular pick for lightweight, everyday printing tasks, like faxing, writing down notes and disposable handouts. 24-pound sheets come with some added heft that makes them an ideal choice for presentation materials, business letter heads or client-targeted materials. For professional printing jobs like brochures or presentation covers, try using 28- or 32-pound sheets.

Resume and Fine Paper

It is hard to go wrong with resume paper for a great first impression. They’re typically made with cotton and come with a crisp feel that lends a professional touch to the documents. Resume paper aren’t just designed for CVs. They’re also a good pick for letter heads, cover letters and important business documents.


At Sam’s Club, you’ll find a wide selection of envelopes designed for a variety of tasks. Always choose an envelope that is large enough for your intended mail. Window envelopes come with a transparent view that displays the recipient’s name and address. For invoices, financial documents or sensitive documents, security business envelopes are an ideal solution.

You’ll also find many other office supply options at Sam’s Club, including art and colored copy paper, computer and carbonless paper and printing paper.