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Whatever technology your office needs, Sam’s Club® is a great place to start your search.


Almost every business can benefit from having at least one computer, but you’ll need to pick a system that properly aligns with your needs. Desktop systems are a common workplace staple, but if you’re constantly on the move, a laptop might be a smarter choice. At Sam’s Club, you’ll find a wide selection of desktop computers, monitors, laptops and computer accessories.


Printers fall into two broad groups: laser printers and inkjet printers. Inkjet printers are a good pick if you’re looking for a simple unit for basic printing tasks at your home office. However, laser printers are faster and deliver sharper text, which makes them better suited for the high-volume demands of the office. If your office needs include scanning, faxing and copying, consider getting a multifunction printer.

Binding Machines

Maybe you’re prepping a technical paper or getting an annual report ready. Binding machines give offices an effective way to deliver professional-looking documents in bound sets. Different factors will affect the type of binding machine you buy, such as the type of paper and the document thickness. You’ll also need to decide on the type of binder you want. Do you want a coral spiral machine, plastic comb binder, wire binding or one that uses thermal tape for a hole-free finish?

Label Makers

Label makers are a handy tool to have around the office. You can use them to create either flat or embossed printed labels, depending on the brand and design. Label makers come in a range of sizes, with everything from compact, battery-powered hand-held models to larger desktop versions that require an external power source. Many of the label printers at Sam’s Club feature a standard QWERTY layout, so you’ll have little difficulty using them. You'll also find other office equipment, including recorders, shredders, calculators and presentation supplies. You can narrow down your options to a particular product or brand using the search tool on each page.