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Medical Supplies

From diabetes care supplies to scales and thermometers, you'll find everything you need to provide at-home or facility-based care at Sam's Club.®

Blood Pressure

Keeping track of your own or a loved one's blood pressure readings is simple with easy-to-use testers that are ideal for use at home. Some monitors fasten easily around the wrist and feature large print that's easy to see. Portable pulse oximeters let you quickly make sure someone has acceptable oxygen levels. Keep blood pressure cuff kits available for accurate readings inside and outside of the clinic. Make sure to check out the cuff sizes to ensure a proper fit for reliable readings each time. Most blood pressure machines at Sam's Club feature digital displays that reduce errors and make testing easier.

Gloves, Masks & Gowns

Protect yourself and patients with the right gloves, masks and gowns. Nitrile exam gloves come in multiple sizes and don't contain latex. Professional-grade gloves have a thicker design that reduces the chances of holes and tears for added protection. Shoe covers protect against tracking bodily fluids and bacteria out of sick or exam rooms. Gowns protect your clothing and reduce the chances of airborne contaminants coming in contact with the patient. Consider wearing masks to contain germs and help prevent the spread of infectious illnesses.

Bandages, Pads & Tape

Having the right bandages, pads and tape available ensures you can handle dressings and wound care quickly and effectively. There are a variety of sizes and options, including gauze pads and sponges that work well for larger cuts and wounds. Keeping gauze bandages and surgical tape available ensures dressings are secure and stay put until they need to be changed. Add alcohol prep pads and other cleansing supplies to maintain a clean, sterile site when preparing shots and other care methods.