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Sam's Club Mattress Buying Guide

Nothing helps you unwind from a tiresome day than an immersive sleep. The moment you finally lay on your bed should be bliss, but only if you have the right mattress. This is why your choice of mattress isn't made lightly.

However, choosing the right mattress can be hard with all the options available. While one mattress might make you feel like you are sleeping in the clouds, it might cause someone else discomfort.

Here at Sam's Club, we aim at helping you find the mattress set of your dreams.

Here is what will make your shopping experience with us different from elsewhere:

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

We understand that everyone who shops with us has a different situation. You might prefer a mattress that will help alleviate your back pain or improve your sleeping patterns. Alternatively, you might also need to enjoy better sleep with your partner in the space that only a king-sized mattress provides.

When working with us, you will get to choose your mattress depending on how you want the pressure points on the mattress. You can even pick a mattress with an adjustable base to increase your comfort level. We will not stop until you find a mattress set that you are comfortable with.

Brands of Mattresses at Sam’s Club

We know that each customer who shops with us has their perceptions of the different brands. While most brands might have some similarity in their mattress types, it is your perspective that counts.

Like a brand, why not buy their mattress sets? You can get to choose from a lot of brands in our stores. Our brands include:

The goal is to find a brand which resonates with you. If choosing between these brands seems tough, you can always rely on our customer service to help you out.

Find the Right Mattress Type

In some cases, you might need a specific type of mattress to help you deal with a certain condition. For instance, the mattress you use can determine whether you will experience some back pains or not. On the other hand, having a condition such as sleep apnea will need you to choose the right mattress sets, including one that helps you sleep comfortably on your side or back.

We provide mattress types to cater for both sleep conditions and different comfort levels. We handpick these mattress choices to ensure that you can only get the best for your needs. You can choose from a diversity of mattress choices, which include:

Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses are perfect for the folks that look for comfort and support. They conform to your body to give you the support that you need and also work well with a box spring. We supply mattresses that have layers of foam that eliminate the need for flipping your mattress over regularly. Visit Sam's Club for memory foam mattresses like Serta and Zinus, similar to Casper and other popular brands.

Gel mattress

A gel memory foam mattress as the name suggests has gel added to the foam mattress giving it a unique feel and at the same time evenly distributing your body heat. This would make the best companion during the cold season.

Pillow top mattresses

These mattresses make a good substitute for the gel and memory foam mattresses. If you love some extra comfort, this would be an excellent choice for you as an extra layer of upholstery is added to your mattress for a comfy and cushiony feel.

Innerspring mattress

Popularly known as coil mattresses have internal metal springs. If you are a side or tummy sleeper, then this would be an excellent pick. The distribution and number of coils will determine the level of comfort that you will get.

Latex mattress

Latex foam is used in the place of memory foam for this mattress. If you are looking for a firm mattress, this would be the direction to look. It comes with different levels of firmness, and unlike the memory foam mattress, it is made of natural materials.

Plush mattress

If you are a side sleeper, you will find this mattress more comfortable. It has soft fabric and will still give you the support you need as you sleep. Get yourself the plush mattress and you will be relieved of painful shoulders in the morning.

Hybrid mattress

This is yet another mattress that will favor the stomach and back sleepers who love a solid feel. Not too firm and not too soft -- in the Goldilocks zone. The name of this type of mattress can be attributed to the fact that it is a combination of innerspring coil and memory foam.

Adjustable base mattress

The level of comfort and support is not limited when it comes to the adjustable base mattress sets. They are perfect for pressure relief and support just when you need it. You have the freedom to elevate your head, raise your feet, and adjust the back support. We supply the Simmons Beautyrest adjustable base mattresses that will provide you with the best night sleep.

Airbed mattresses

Airbeds are popular thanks to their customizable support, hypoallergenic covers, and breathability. Many adjustable air mattresses have separate air chambers under your head, back and feet. These allow you to adjust the support your body needs at every point individually. Many also have cooling gel and memory foam layers to add to enhance their comfort levels even more.

Some Questions to Ask Before Buying A New Mattress

  • Will you need a box spring?
  • How many people will the bed need to fit?
  • Do you want a mattress set with a foundation and headboard?
  • Do I have specific pain? (i.e. back, knee, neck)
  • Do I need an adjustable mattress?
  • How long is the mattress warranty?
  • Am I concerned about movement disturbing my partner?
  • How is the temperature regulation of the mattress?

Mattress Sizes and Dimensions

You need to have the dimensions of your bed to pick a mattress that will fit. Sam's Club offers you a wide range of options when it comes to the size of mattresses. We have mattresses in common sizes. They have different dimensions; for instance, the California king is longer and has less surface area than the king size mattress.


You do not want to end up with a mattress that is either too soft or keeps you tossing the entire night. Get a mattress that takes care of all your pressure points that is your head, your back, the heel and shoulders to mention a few. The type of mattress you get will determine the thickness.


The brand of the manufacturer and distributor of mattresses and mattress sets need to be put into consideration too. Sam's Club will supply you with mattress sets from reputable brands like Serta who give the customers a night sleep trial to ensure that you are comfortable with the mattress you pick.

Made to Fit Your Bed

Say goodbye to new mattresses that barely fit your bed frame or those that hang out of your bed. Regardless of whether you have a king-sized or a platform bed, we have the right mattress for you.

Our crew will get you a high-quality mattress that can fit right into the foundation of your bed. Preach the idea of your perfect mattress, and we will find it.

Service Designed Just For You

Our customer service representatives will customize your purchase experience to your desires. At Sam's Club, we have handpicked staff members who value you as a customer and are willing to take you through the whole way.

Even better, you will enjoy a better experience from the customer service team as a member. This will include members-only prices that will land you the best mattresses easily. Additionally, you will gain access to limited purchase options.

Sam's Club White Glove Delivery

Take advantage of Sam's Club's White Glove Delivery. Our delivery carriers will unload and place your new mattress where you want it. White glove service generally includes unpacking, removal/disposal of packing materials and transporting your order up or down a maximum of two flights of stairs.