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Massagers and Spa Products

For the sake of relaxation and better health, Sam's Club® has a fantastic selection of massage accessories and products to suit your needs. Whether you're in the massage business or looking to get some relief at home, we have something here for everyone interested in the benefits of massage therapy.

You can start out small with a foot massager or go big with one of our spectacular massage chairs. If you're setting up or expanding your business, you can check out all the massage tables and massage accessories we offer at members-only prices to help you save on costs.

Professional Massagers

Accessories, furniture and disposable products like massage oil and lotions can cost a fortune normally. Our exclusive members-only pricing helps you get exactly what you need at a cost you can manage more easily.

When it's time to restock on massage accessories, Sam's Club is a great option because of our bulk packages at affordable prices. Place an order for your favorite brand of products and experience the power of what membership with us can really do for you. We have a variety of products from top brands like Ironman, Alera and Master Massage.

Make your spa even better by adding alternative relaxation products like essential oil diffusers, paraffin, foot baths and full body electronic massage equipment.

Home Massage

Professional massage therapists working from home and anyone interested in creating their own relaxation space will find Sam's Club to be a valuable partner. Our selection of equipment for massage therapy and home pain relief is made to suit the needs of individuals and professionals alike. Find your ticket to relaxation and stress relief in our online store for prices that are hard to beat.