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How to Shop for Massage and Spa Products: Buying Guide

Whether you own a professional massage business or you love spa day at home, Sam's Club carries top rated massage and spa products and supplies at members-only prices.

What is massage equipment?

Massage equipment typically consists of massage tables (stationary tables or portable tables), massage chairs and both cordless and corded handheld massagers.

What is spa equipment?

Spa equipment covers a variety of products and tools related to hand and feet nail care, microdermabrasion machines, facial steamers, oxygen machines and facial supplies.

What massage and spa products can I buy for my home?

From foot massagers to Shiatsu neck and shoulder massagers, Sam's Club has a variety of massage and spa products for use at home.

Can I buy massage and spa products for my business?

Sam's Club carries many professional quality massage tables, chairs and supplies to support your health and beauty business.

Buy massage and spa equipment products at Sam's Club.

If you need to supply your business with massage and spa products, Sam's Club carries professional quality massage chairs, tables and supplies to meet the needs of your customers. Sam's Club also carries smaller massage and spa items that are perfect for a home spa day.

What Different Types of Massage and Spa Products Are There?

Salon and barber chairs

These are specialty chairs made for professional hairdressers and barbers. Some chairs have hydraulics that easily adjusts chairs to the proper height, drawers with power strips, all-purpose trays with removable utility cups and more.

Floor mats

Floor mats are made of rubber, wood or vinyl. The mat acts as an anti-fatigue surface and helps workers who stand for the majority of their workday.

Pedicure equipment

Common pedicure equipment consists of pedicure chairs, toe separators, pedicure salts, emery boards, scrubs and masks, soaking tubs and implement tools.

Hair care

Hair care products include shampoo, hairspray, conditioners, hair dyes and styling products.

Massage tables

Massage tables are specialized tables designed to correctly position clients to receive deep tissue massages. They are designed with client comfort and therapist ergonomics in mind.

Massage oil and massage lotion

Massage therapists use lubricants when massaging clients. Either oil or lotions is used based on the customer's preference.

Massage chairs

Massage chairs allow easy access to the head, shoulders and the back, and full body massage chair recliners even work your torso, legs and sometimes feet. They feature electronic vibration massage to relieve tension in muscles and stimulate blood circulation. Some have Bluetooth or other remote control functionality so you can auto program a good massage in your recliner chair without reaching for a control panel that would get in the way of your experience. Massage cushions and chair pads work similar to massage chairs, but there are smaller, portable and can be used on almost any type of chair.

Neck, foot, and personal back massagers

Specialty handheld massagers and portable massagers are available in a variety of options and price points. Sam's Club carries personal shiatsu foot massagers with heat and portable neck and shoulder massagers that provide soothing relief with optional kneading massage action and heat.

Massage accessories

Some massage accessories used in professional sessions include essential oils for aromatherapy, linens, covers, face and massage pillows, oils and creams and soothing music.

Pain relievers

Massage techniques are designed to promote pain relief, stress reduction and improved movement. Occasionally, there is a need to use pain relievers such as Tylenol (acetaminophen), Advil (ibuprofen), cold packs, soothing lotions, hot/cold lotions and more to help improve joint flexibility and to relieve lower-back pain.

How to Shop for Massage Tables

If you are planning to purchase a new massage table at some point in the near future, you should familiarize yourself with some common massage table traits.

Is there a difference between professional and personal tables?

The main difference between massage tables is stationary versus portability. Portable massage tables are lighter and easier to transport. Stationary tables are sturdier and not meant to be moved. Stationary tables often have more options including hydraulics, electric powered lift mechanics and heat function.

What are the best massage tables?

The best massage table will meet your personal needs as well as your budget.

How much does a massage table cost?

At Sam's Club, massage tables range from under $250 to $1,000.

What is the correct height for a massage table?

The standard height range of massage tables is between 24 to 31 inches.

How much do portable massage tables weigh?

The average weight of a portable massage table is in the range of 33 or 34 pounds.

How to Shop for Massage Chairs

Select a massage chair based on your preferences in features and the specific areas of your body that need massage relief.

Is there a difference between professional and personal chairs?

A personal massage chair is an all-around general body massager. It will relieve minor muscle tension and while offering a comfortable, relaxing experience. A professional chair tends to focus on one or two specific problems with specific feature sets.

What is the best massage chair to buy?

The best massage chair will meet your specific needs as well as your budget.

Do massage chairs really work?

Although nothing replaces a licensed massage therapist, massage chairs do deliver pain relief, general relaxation, muscle relaxation, improved blood circulation and improved posture and spinal alignment.

What is a zero gravity massage?

Zero gravity massage chairs simulate the same position astronauts assume upon blast off. The highly reclined position takes the stress off of your spine and elevates your feet and legs over your heart while the chair provides a full body massage.

What is the cost of a massage chair?

Massage chairs at Sam's Club range from under $400 to $4,000.

Is buying a massage chair worth it?

The average shiatsu massage usually costs $130 an hour when performed by a licensed massage therapist. Depending on how often you visit a massage therapist, a massage chair makes for a good investment.

What Sizes of Massage and Spa Products Can I Choose?

Personal use size products

If the massage and spa products are meant for yourself and your family, personal use size is sufficient.

Professional use size products

Larger, professional size products are a good investment for small business.

What to Consider when Buying Massage and Spa Products

Personal use vs. business use offers a variety of massage and spa products for personal and business use. It may be worth it to purchase larger-sized or bulk products if you plan to use the products often in your home or business.

Size of space that product will go in

Double check the storage space on the massage table, chairs or your personal storage area you plan to put the products in -- this will determine how large the bottle or packaging you need to purchase.


For large bottles or packages of products, consider how it dispenses. Is there a pump option for the lotion or oil? Can you purchase refills? The answers to these questions will help you decide on the best product type for your home or business spa.


Sam's Club offers members-only prices on personal care products to fit your needs and budget.

What Brands of Massage and Spa Products Does Sam's Club Sell?

Member's Mark

Sam's Club private label offers a variety of exceptional quality spa and massage products at members-only prices.


HoMedics massagers give you the ultimate home massage experience. They have a full line of massage products for home use: back wand massagers and calf massagers, massage chairs and massaging cushions and throws.


Matrix offers professional hair care, styling and color products designed to bring premium solutions for every hair type.


Part of Matrix's line of professional hair products, Biolage is formulated to help color-treated hair maintain health, color and repair damage over time.


Master Massage products cover a full line of portable and stationary massage tables for both professional and home use.


The Bedford Massage Chair is made by Master massage. It's fully adjustable, lightweight and easy to transport.

FAQ - Massage and Spa Products

Is massage safe?

According to the National Institutes of Health, there is a low chance of harmful effects from massage therapy.

Which neck massager is best?

Portable neck and shoulder massagers do a good job of easing tension. They are affordable and refresh and rejuvenate tired muscles. The best option will depend on our personal needs and budget.