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How To Buy the Best Living Room Furniture: Buying Guide

At Sam's Club, you'll find all kinds of high-quality, modern living room furniture for your home. Choose from coordinated living room sets that include stylish tables, chairs, sofas, sectionals and more on-trend pieces. Don't forget your entertainment centers need love too.

Create your own living room look at Sam's Club when you consider individual living room furniture pieces that can be added to sets for the perfect pairing.

Whatever you use your living room for, you can make sure it looks great with functional living room furniture from Sam's Club. Browse our living room furniture collections for sale and new arrivals and you're sure to find a style that will look great in your home.

What Different Types of Living Room Furniture are there?

Leather Sofa

Leather is an incredibly durable and long-lasting fabric used to make furniture, clothing and shoes among other items. Leather furniture is easy to maintain and may adjust quickly to room or body temperature. Because leather is stronger than fabric upholstered furniture, the price is typically higher because of its high quality and longevity.

Microfiber Sofa

These soft sofas are manufactured with microfibers much smaller than human hair follicles, so you can expect to enjoy a comfy sofa from beginning to end. Microfiber sofas are easy to clean and offer long-lasting, fade-resistant color.

Cloth Sofa

A cloth sofa, also known as a fabric sofa, has a lot of character and flexibility. This type of couch is available in lots of styles and colors to choose from. Cloth sofas can have machine-wash or dry-clean seat covers to manage cleanliness. If you get the itch to make a switch, try new cushion covers for an affordable upgrade that lasts long. This is a great furniture option for families with playful children.

Synthetic Leather Sofa

Synthetic leather sofa, also known as faux leather sofas, give off the appearance that they are made from leather, but are not. The synthetic fibers developed to create faux leather make the sofa more affordable, much easier to clean spills and stains, and simple to repair because it is a lighter fabric than genuine leather. This type of living room furniture is a great option for a family that wants a luxury look and children who see it as a comfortable piece of furniture to play.


Living rooms are a combination of multiple individual furniture pieces that match or pair well with each other and the home decor itself. Loveseats and sectional sofas are the main living room furniture pieces, upholstered and designed in various styles and sizes to fit your space, big or small. Additional seating choices include rockers, loungers, benches, futons, recliners, and accent chairs needed to bring comfort for extra family and friends.

Entertainment Furniture

TV stands, console tables and a bookcase with proper shelving keep your media area organized when you want to spend more time in your living room with family or friends or enjoy some alone time with a good book. Bring function and style to your living room look with coffee tables, side tables and accent tables. Add matching end tables to the arms of your sofa and wall art and area rugs act as overall accents to the décor of the space.


Ottoman, also known as poufs, are upholstered footstools for easy seat access or fabric storage boxes meant to help organize your living room. This type of furniture is sometimes found in an entryway or small dining room.

Sofa beds

Sofa beds, also known as sleeper sofas, are couches and loveseats that can ultimately be converted to a comfortable piece of furniture for sleeping or lying down. Sofa beds come in different colors, styles, and materials—all available at Sam's Club to meet your living room furniture needs.

What Sizes of Living Room Furniture Can I Choose?

Before you make your next living room furniture purchase, the first thing to consider is the size of your space.

Are you in a studio, 1-bedroom apartment, 2-bedroom townhome, or single-family house? This makes all the difference in how you will thoroughly enjoy your new living room furniture. Sam's Club offers two, three, four and five-piece living room sets in different styles.

Our living room chairs, chaise lounges, and sofa beds are affordable choices for smaller living spaces without the hassle. Sectionals, U-shaped or L-shaped, are amazing selections for a medium to large living room spaces. When positioned just right, it will not take up floor space and be convenient for multiple uses.

Everything you need to choose the best seating options and accessories for your living room area can seamlessly be found at Sam's Club. No more guessing how to mix and match your new living room furniture collection.

What to Consider When Buying Living Room Furniture Can I Choose?

Before you make your next living room furniture purchase, things to consider are its recurring purpose, your style and comfort level necessary.

Take a look at your home decor and think of how you'll arrange your furniture just the way you desire. Are you looking to upgrade or settle the new furniture into your current style?

Modern living room furniture gives you clean lines and a sleek feel from a white color palette while contemporary living room furniture, which can be very similar in taste, ups the ante with a woodsy complement or metallic color pop.

Both themes tend to lean towards a more classic or timeless look that is interchangeable with the time. You don't need the extra embellishments with this decor pattern. While you're shopping check out our dining chairs, dressers, nightstands, daybeds, reclining sofas, and accent pieces.

If you're thinking farmhouse living room furniture, benches and natural wood tables fit the bill. Rustic living room furniture is not wood-related but very brown with black and white neutrals where you can even mix in gray living room furniture sure to fit. Consider upholstery to match your prevailing aesthetic.

Sam's Club has the latest styles and colors to make sure your living room furniture selection is quality and on-trend to get you the look you want and in your budget.

Living Room Furniture Brands at Sam's Club

We offer popular brands of living room furniture and living room furniture sets, including best-selling brands Terranova, Carrington and in-house brand Member's Mark. Sam's Club still offers a variety of living room furniture brands for you to choose from.

  • Terranova
  • Carrington
  • Matthew
  • Silo
  • Weston
  • Member's Mark
  • Clayton
  • Melrose

FAQ: Living Room Furniture

How much does living room furniture cost?

Prices for your ideal living room furniture will vary. Review your space, budget and style to determine what pieces in our living room furniture collection are best for your home.

How to place living room furniture?

Placing and arranging living room furniture is totally up to you. The size of your space and immediate needs from your furniture selection will help you decide how to set up the living room look you want. Don't forget your entertainment items and accent furniture to complete the room.

Where to buy living room furniture?

Sam's Club offers the best furniture for your living room—manufactured and designed to provide style, comfort and durability for a lifetime.

Should living room furniture match?

Living room furniture does not have to match. They should pair well with your furniture needs and décor so you will have a genuine feeling of being at home, in a space all yours, created by you.

How to pick living room furniture?

Picking living room furniture is an easy feat when shopping at Sam's Club. After you review your space, budget, and style, let us help you determine what pieces in our living room furniture collection are best for your home.

How much does a living room set cost?

Prices for your ideal living room set will vary. Sets start with two pieces and can go up to a seven-piece living room set. Review your space, budget, and style to determine what pieces in our living room furniture collection are best for your home.

How do I get good quality furniture?

At Sam's Club you can find good quality furniture with our best selling brands.