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Labels and Label Makers

Label makers let you apply custom stickers to shelves and items throughout your home or office. Sam's Club® carries a variety of labels and label makers to meet your needs.

Label Maker Features

Label makers come with a variety of features that address many different labeling needs. Simple models print a single font directly onto small, adhesive strips. Others let you choose from different font styles, add bolding and italics, and underline the print on the labels. These machines have a small screen that shows the letters and choices entered. Once you're happy with your choices, simply select print and your labels are expelled through a slot that includes a blade for easy cutting.

Advanced label makers feature a large keyboard that makes typing easier. Typically, larger label makers provide more fonts and features, but may be larger than other options. Consider battery-operated label makers for using throughout the home or office, or go with one that requires an outlet for a stationary unit. There are also label makers that can produce bar codes, which allow employees to create labels for storage areas and shelves whenever necessary.


Most label makers require a specific type of refill for optimal performance. There are removable labels that affix to items and shelves, then remove easily without leaving residue. Polyester labels create a strong bond with most surfaces, making them an ideal choice for permanent labeling needs. Printable address labels work well for shipping departments and mail rooms to make sure addresses are legible and easy to see on boxes and envelopes. Choose high-visibility labels for use in areas with low lighting levels. Choose labels designed for laser, inkjet and other specific printer types to ensure optimal printing resolution. This will also help prevent smudges and smears during the printing process.