More Categories in Janitorial Supplies

Housekeeping and Janitorial Supplies

Whether you want supplies that help you maintain a clean space or you're looking for janitorial supplies that reduce germs and grime effectively, Sam's Club® has everything you need. From floor mats to cleaning carts and tools that keep items organized, you'll find them all at reasonable prices.

Janitorial Supplies

Clients and visitors expect a clean facility, and having the right janitorial supplies ensures that your housekeeping team can get the job done efficiently. There are cleaning chemicals available that cut grease quickly in kitchens, along with all-purpose cleaners that tackle floors and other surfaces. Glass cleaners keep mirrors and windows streak-free, while furniture polishes maintain the professional look of desks and tables.

Cleaning Carts and Supplies

The right utility carts make it simple for employees to transport chemicals and supplies throughout the facility. Consider options with large zippered bags that reduce the need for multiple trips when emptying trash. Carts with multiple shelves ensure items remain organized and easy to find. A ready supply of sponges and cleaning clothes for various surfaces help workers clean without damaging wood, glass and other materials.

Protect housekeeping associates with durable cleaning gloves that keep harsh chemicals and germs away from their skin. Choose brooms and dust pans that lock together for added convenience. Microfiber and cotton mops let you choose the right option for different flooring types and dirt levels.

Restroom Supplies

Maintain the cleanliness of restrooms with the proper dispensers and supplies. Hand dryers offer less paper waste, while soap and sanitizer dispensers ensure guests can wash their hands properly. Add changing stations to your restroom supplies and ensure guests have a safe location for diapering.

Make sure your housekeeping team has the proper janitorial supplies for maintaining your facility. The selection at Sam's Club provides cleaning supplies and everything you need for stocking restrooms throughout your location.