More Categories in Gemstones


What’s nice about unique gemstone jewelry is that every gemstone has its own unique look, color and quality. The spherical shape of a pearl is immediately distinguishable from the more oblong shape of the aquamarine, while the deep red of a classic garnet will never be mistaken for the bright, clear blue of the blue topaz. And how you or your loved one wears your birthstone is up to you. You can keep it close to your heart in a distinctive pendant, or show it off with eye catching bracelets, rings or earrings. It’s all about the unique style of the wearer.

So if you’re ready to try gemstone jewelry, take some time now to look over the birthstone jewelry items you can get at great prices through Sam’s Club. If your loved one has a birthday coming up, you may find the perfect gift. If you’re shopping for yourself, you just might find the ideal piece of jewelry to express your unique identity. And remember, if you fall in love with a gemstone that doesn’t happen to be your birthstone, you can still go ahead and buy it for yourself. Nobody else needs to know.