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Folding Tables & Chairs

An essential part of any event space, social function and casual restaurant are the folding table and chairs that are provided for guests. These should be easy to set up, store, clean and require little maintenance for you while being comfortable and encourage social interactions amongst customers. At Sam’s Club®, we have just such commercial folding tables and folding chairs that are perfect for you and your needs, always at the right price.

What’s the Perfect Folding Table for Me?

When you’re shopping for a folding table, there are many features to consider. Do you prefer circular tables that better facilitate conversation amongst your guests? Do you need a long, rectangular table that is best for banquets and panels? Does the table need to be a particular color or material to better match a predetermined theme? Do they need to be weather-resistant so they can be used outdoors? Our tables are available in an array of colors, shapes and styles for you to select. Only a couple things are common among all of them – they fold for easy storage and setup and are easy to clean and maintain.

What Type of Folding Chair Do I Need for My Event?

At Sam’s Club, we carry an array of folding chairs that, just like our selection of folding tables, come in many different styles and colors that make some better for certain functions over others. So how do you know what type of folding chair you need? We’ve broken down the different types of chairs we offer and where they’re best:

  • Padded folding chairs – these folding chairs have padded seats for extra comfort, making them perfect for fancy indoor or covered events, like wedding receptions and banquets.
  • Metal folding chairs – they’re not padded, so maybe not great for all-day or all-night lengthy events. Choose these for outfitting public spaces, like townhall meetings and bingo tournaments at the local community center.
  • Stacking chairs – these have contoured seats and backs made of blow-molding, making them perfect for outdoor events.

Folding chairs come in various bulk amounts, so you can choose large or small sets based on your needs. All of our folding chairs allow for easy storage that doesn’t take up much space, with the chairs being able to fold and tilt against the wall or stack one on top of the other.

Do You Have Folding Table and Chair Sets?

Yes! We also offer an array of table and chair sets that are the perfect choice for your special receptions and catered events. These sets are designed to match, are ultra-durable and provide comfortable seating for multiple guests. They’re an economical and convenient choice for those who are responsible for seating groups of individuals, whether it’s at their wedding reception, an awards ceremony, church fundraiser and more.

What Else Do I Need with My Folding Table with Chairs?

If you need to haul your folding tables and chairs from place to place, having a hand truck to help you easily move various bulk items is a must! They’re a real time saver, as well as prevent body pains and strains.