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If you're setting up a commercial restroom, Sam’s Club® can help. You’ll find a wide selection of commercial restroom fixtures designed to fit your unique needs.

Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers are both convenient and cost-effective. Having a hand dryer means less toilet paper is used, which in turn translates to money saved over the long term. Sam’s Club is home to an appealing variety of choices, including automatic hand dryers and high-speed commercial dryers.

Automatic bathroom hand dryers come with built-in infrared sensors that instantly detect when hands are placed under the vent. No need for switches. They turn on and off instantly. Automatic hand dryers offer several benefits over older push-button models. They’re more sanitary and they use a lot less energy because they only stay on when they are needed.

If your restroom receives a lot of traffic, you may want to invest in a high-speed commercial dryer. The average hand dryer takes an average of 40 seconds to dry hands. Commercial hand dryers do this in 15 seconds or less.

Restroom Fixtures

Sam’s Club also offers other restroom fixtures that can help improve the restroom experience. Carefully consider the needs of your home or business. Most customers appreciate having a soap dispenser placed close to the sink. It is quick, easy and more sanitary than sharing a bar of soap. And if your business attracts a lot of kids and parents, a baby-changing station is essential. Whatever your needs, Sam’s Club has you covered. You can fine tune the results of your search to a particular restroom fixture using the intuitive search tool available on each page.