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Filing and Storage

A cluttered office can impede workflow and make it difficult to find the information you need quickly. Sam's Club® carries everything from filing cabinets to document storage boxes that allow you to efficiently organize your office space.

Filing Systems

The file system that works for your home or office depends on the types of records you need to store. File sorters are designed to keep a smaller number of individual files easily accessible and organized. Most of them can fit on the corner of a desk or inside a drawer, ensuring that important documents or records are always within easy reach.

File storage cabinets are an ideal solution for both the home and office. Choose file folders in different colors for coordinated systems, or pair manila folders with hanging systems for keeping related documents together. File cabinets come with two or more drawers, making sure there is plenty of space. There are also portable file storage cabinets and carts that allow you or employees to transport files throughout the office for improved productivity.

Document Storage

If you prefer using on-site storage solutions, Sam's Club has shelving units that make the process quick and easy. Models with three shelves handle the needs of most small businesses, while five- and six-shelf units optimize space to make sure there's plenty of room for keeping documents for the required time frame.

Once you've chosen the right shelving unit for your needs, the next step is to choose boxes. Letter and legal size boxes keep smaller files organized, and can feature reinforced bottoms and edges for added durability. For large files, or when storing similar paperwork in the same area, large boxes provide up to 2-feet of length. Choose from styles with tie tabs that prevent the lid from coming off or go with traditional units for quicker access.