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When it comes to keeping your files organized, make it easy on yourself. In addition to your main filing cabinet, keep the files you’re actively using in a handy place with wall and file pockets. These simple solutions will help you keep your desk tidy as well. Check out the selection of wall and file pockets available at Sam's Club.

Wall Files

Hang a few wall files in key areas so you can easily keep important folders and papers organized. There are single-compartment wall files made from mesh, 3-file wall files made of plastic and even a 7-file system so you can reach for the day’s files. If you meet with clients, patients or prospective business partners, you can pull the files you need each day and review them before your meetings. It’s a simple system for staying on track and accessing the information you need.

File Pockets and Expanding Files

With expanding files and file pockets, you can keep a portion of your files at your desk or take them with you to an important meeting. The pockets come in standard and legal sizes, and have plenty of room to expand if you need to add more documents. Choose one that’s labeled with each month of the year or opt for an alphabetical or color-coded system. The tabs make it simple to find exactly what you need. You can also pick up manila folders, presentation folders and pocket folders to complete your filing system.