More Categories in Feeding


If you're having trouble finding the brand of dog food your pet likes at prices that fit your budget, take a look at the selection at Sam's Club®. You can order top brands like IAMS, Purina One, Pedigree and more. Since you can buy in bulk and have the food shipped directly to you, your animal can enjoy its favorite dog food month-after-month without breaking the bank.

Dry Food

Feeding dry dog food has several benefits, including reducing plaque and tartar buildup to keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy and reducing bad breath. Dry dog food keeps well without refrigeration and is often easy to take along when traveling. You'll want to choose the correct one based on your animal's age, and Sam's Club offers a variety of healthy dog food choices designed for puppies, adults and senior dogs. There are also options aimed at helping dogs with food allergies, including grain- and soy-free varieties.

Wet Food

Canned dog food is easily digestible and also preferred by some pets because it is made mostly of protein and fat, with few carbohydrates. The high moisture content of wet dog food is also easier for some canines to digest and gives them needed water in their diet. Whether you prefer cans or pouches, you'll find a large selection at Sam's Club to fill your pantry.

Dog Treats

Tasty snacks can be a wonderful way to motivate your furry friend and reward him or her for good behavior. Fun-to-eat dog treats come in many shapes and textures like bones, sticks, jerky strips and natural forms such as rawhide.


Whatever type of food you choose, you'll need feeding accessories for serving and storing it. A single unit that combines food and water bowls is a convenient option for keeping dishes contained in one place. For pets with mobility issues, a raised dish set can provide comfort and easy access to food and water. Decorative treat jars keep snacks handy and also add a lovely accent to a kitchen counter. Whether you're buying food for one dog or many, Sam's Club provides a wide range of brands and products to satisfy your pet's needs and your budget.