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Emergency Foods & Supplies

Don’t get caught off guard. Shop at Sam’s Club® now to stock up on an infinite number of different emergency foods and emergency supplies to keep you and your family safe and healthy for any possible future crisis. If you don’t prepare now, you might be in danger later. We offer a wide variety of foods and drinks that are ready to prepare and consume. Explore our selection now to find some of your favorite meals, foods, drinks and snacks. Or grab a few storage containers and water containers to prep your own food and beverages.

How to Prepare for An Emergency

When a disastrous event occurs around you like a terribly cold blizzard, rattling earthquake or hellish wildfire, you need to be prepared. It's not often these things happen but it's surely possible. And if you aren't ready when it happens, you and your family's lives can be on the line. Storing emergency foods or food kits in your home is one of the most important and easiest steps you can take today. You never know when you might need it, but it's always best to be safe than sorry. Other emergency supplies essential for when a crisis happens are batteries, knives, pressure cookers and flood defense systems which are all provided by Sam's Club. These items help improve safety in times of need. Bottled water is also crucial when it comes to surviving a catastrophic event. Our bodies are able to go for several weeks without food, but only a few days without water. Water is just, if not, more important than food so it's mandatory to gather even more of it.

Why Should I Get Emergency Foods?

Emergency food is not like the food you buy at the grocery store. These foods and meals are specially designed to last you several years and sometimes several decades, making them perfect in case of an emergency. Thanks to its long shelf life, you can conveniently keep it in a storage room and take it out for whenever the time calls for it. Whereas with regular food, they typically spoil within a few days or weeks. What if a crisis occurs that leaves you trapped inside for months? Fresh products like meat, vegetables and fruits can only feed you for so long before going bad. But with emergency foods at your disposal, most can be consumed for up to a year or more after opening. Not to mention, you're also getting them in bulk which not only provides you and your family with enough food to eat, but it also saves you money compared to buying in smaller amounts. In addition, because our emergency foods are made with nutritious ingredients, they're able to keep you full and energized so you can stay healthy and strong throughout the entire situation.

Does Emergency Food Taste Good?

The thought of emergency food usually brings to mind poor quality and bad tasting meals. But because Sam's Club only provides you with top quality brands like Augason Farms, Mountain House and Wise Company, you can bet your taste-buds on their delicious meals and recipes. Made from only the finest ingredients, you have easy-to-prepare entrees, such as a hearty vegetable chicken soup, creamy stroganoff, fettuccine alfredo and much more that are sure to please. You can also get canned goods like rice, potatoes, eggs, beans and more to create your own dishes instead.