More Categories in Drinkware


When you need the perfect drinkware for every-day life, special events or in your foodservice business, look no further than our selection. At Sam’s Club®, we carry a range of plastic drinking glasses that are suitable for a range of events, different styles of drinks and more, all at the great price you expect from us.

Which Glasses Should I Use to Stock-Up My Private Bar?

Our range of elegant and sturdy tumblers are the perfect selection for making classic cocktails! They’re made of ultra-strong, washable and reusable polycarbonate that’s shatter-resistant, making them a safer option over traditional glasses that easily break. Each glass has heavy and decorative base and is easy to stack to help save space. We have tall 12-ounce tumbler cocktail glasses as well as 10-ounce highball glasses, both of which come with 12 glasses each, making them the ideal selection for your home bar, office, or special event receptions.

Do You Have Glasses Nice Enough for My Wedding?

Yes! We have an array of plastic drinkware that many guests have raved about, after successfully enjoying them at their wedding receptions. Goblets and flutes are perfect for your special day, as they’re designed to hold champagne and wine for guests to sip and toast. They’re all made of sturdy, crystal-clear plastic that resembles glass, except they’re completely shatter proof. The elegant look and total usability of this plastic drinkware make them an excellent addition to weddings with any theme, with their bulk amount making them convenient and suitable for any budget.

What About for My Restaurant?

Absolutely! We carry various types of plastic glasses that make a wonderful addition to your food service business. Our line of melamine mugs and bowls are ideal for cafés and diners who serve many customers back to back and want shatter-resistant, durable and attractive plastic drinkware and bowls that come in bulk-sized packages. These plastic drinking glasses and bowls are perfect for serving hot soups and coffees and are easy to wash and reuse time and again. We also carry clear and blue-colored 20-ounce tumbler plastic drinking glasses that have an easy-grip texture, are shatter-resistant and are a staple in many pizzerias and other fast-casual establishments.

Who Needs Plastic Drinking Glasses?

Plastic drinkware is a popular choice for use in a variety of settings, thanks to their durable design, aesthetically-pleasing look and versatility. Our cocktail glasses are wonderful additions to home and office bars, as well as for use by catering companies looking to present their clients with the finest glassware that is sturdy and affordable. Our plastic drinking glass sets are also great for serving customers in restaurants, especially since they’re easy to clean and come in bulk packaging. There are also plenty of residences that prefer these types of reusable plastic drinkware, as they’re an environmentally-friendly alternative to typical plasticware, yet are still shatter-proof and suitable for an array of hot and cold drinks.