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Dogs are an important part of many families, and that means you want to make sure Fido has everything he needs for a healthy, happy life. From containment systems to feeding supplies, you'll find everything you need at an affordable price at Sam's Club®.

Keeping Outdoor Dogs Safe

If you have a dog that spends a lot of time outdoors, you need containment options that allow him to run and stay active in a safe environment. Kennels and outdoor enclosures come in different sizes that meet the needs of individual breeds. Larger enclosures include gates that make it easy for you to enter for cleaning and feeding. For pets that remain outdoors when you aren't home, consider a kennel that includes a cover so it is protected from weather for optimal health and safety.

If you want your dog to have freedom, but you also want to make sure he's safe, electronic containment devices can help you do it. There are simple options like electronic collars that give your dog a warning when approaching a boundary, which helps train him to know where he can go. For larger areas, an invisible fence paired with an appropriate collar creates a boundary that your dog learns not to cross.

Indoor Dog Supplies

Indoor dogs may not require as much containment, but gates can make sure they don't enter certain areas of your home. Crates in an appropriate size can make the home safer for your dog when you're outside of the home. These crates can also become a safe haven for your pet, giving them comfort whenever they need a quiet moment. Add a comfortable dog bed and your pooch will love having his own place.

From dog clothes that let you dress your pet up to matching bowls for food and water, Sam's Club makes it simple to spoil your dog and give him everything he needs at all stages of life.