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Crates, Gates and Containment

One of the most important parts of being a pet parent is keeping your dog safe. Whether your dog spends more time indoors or is an outside pup, Sam's Club® carries a variety of crates, gates and containment options to suit your needs.

Dog Crates

An indoor dog crate can make training a new puppy easier for those who have to spend time away for several hours. Dog crates come in several sizes so you can choose one that provides plenty of space for your dog. There are simple wire options that include a slide-out tray for easy cleaning. Consider a mahogany dog crate that makes sure your pet can't get into any trouble while you're away, but also pairs well with most decorating schemes. When crate training a dog, make sure to provide plenty of time outside for optimal exercise and a healthy mind.

Dog Gates

Using a pet gate or door can help you limit the areas where your pup can enter. A gate lets you block off certain rooms, making it simple to keep Fido away from dangerous plants and chemicals. Dog gates are an ideal choice for confining a new puppy to a single room while you're working on training, which helps cut down on accident cleanup and reduce damage from chewing.

Dog Containment Systems

Dog containment systems make sure your stays inside your yard. Electronic containment systems combine a collar with an underground cable or wire that designates the boundary. When your pet gets close, a signal makes sure it learns not to cross the boundary, giving you peace of mind that your dog has freedom along with safety.

Keep your dogs safe both indoors and out with the selection of crates, gates and containment systems at Sam's Club.