More Categories in Construction & Repair

Construction and Repair

If you need to do some construction work, you’re in the right place. Sam’s Club® offers a wide collection of construction tools, fixtures and industrial janitorial supplies. Whether you’re looking for a step stool, a wet/dry vacuum or a backup power supply for your equipment, you’ll find what you need.

Construction Needs

Ladders and step stools are essential tools. You’ll need the extra range if you’re painting, doing some woodwork or simply changing a bulb. Sam's Club also offers a variety of safety equipment. Get safety goggles and a face mask if you plan to do any work that might involve sparks or flying parts, and use gloves if you plan to handle any toxic materials.

Wet/Dry Vacuums

Once you’re done with your work or repairs, you’ll need a wet/dry vacuum to help with cleaning up the dirt, dust or liquid spills. Wet/dry vacuums come in different sizes, ranging from really large, industrial-class cleaners designed for bigger jobs to smaller units that you can use in your home workstation. Some vacuums come with a backpack design, so you can easily move around an area while cleaning. You’ll find them all at Sam’s Club.

Generator and Power Supplies

Sam’s club offers a wide variety of generators and power supplies, engineered with a useful range of features. One of the things you’ll need to consider when choosing a generator is your power needs. Some generators are designed to only power small equipment and tools while others have the capacity to power a small- or medium-sized building. The power-rating of a generator (wattage) is typically tied to its size, so the more powerful the generator, the bigger—and louder—it is likely to be.

Whether you’re looking for garage and shop accessories, housekeeping supplies, tools, security options or a backup power generator, Sam’s Club has you covered.