More Categories in Commercial Paper Towels

Commercial Paper Towels

Make sure your office or place of business is well-stocked in the restroom, as well as the cleaning closet, with commercial paper towels. At Sam’s Club®, we carry a large selection of paper towels to meet your needs. Our inventory spans from products like singlefold paper towels to C-fold paper towels and more. Best of all, you can shop our selection and other items at special members-only prices.

Single Paper Towels

Single paper towels come in both singlefold and multifold varieties. These commercial paper towels are excellent for restrooms. They can be placed inside compatible dispensers to allow you, employees and customers to only use as many as needed. They're also a wonderful option when it comes to picking up liquids from a small spill in your a cafeteria or around the office.

We feature singlefold and multifold paper towels that come from top brands such as Georgia Pacific, Kimberly-Clark and Marathon. You can buy them in small packs or in bulk. We also carry a number of recycled varieties that are perfect for eco-conscious companies.

Paper Towel Rolls

At Sam’s Club, we also stock a number of paper towels that are on a roll. These rolls are another popular option for high-traffic areas, as well as bathrooms. You can shop for single- or multi-ply paper towel rolls at Sam's Club, including some that are made from recycled materials.


Once you have your paper towels picked out, you’ll also need a paper towel dispenser. These dispensers are constructed from high-quality materials like plastic or metal for lasting durability. They can be easily mounted onto a wall in a restroom.

Once you’re done shopping for paper towels, be sure to stock up on other office supplies or housekeeping items you might need at Sam's Club.