More Categories in Cats


At Sam's Club® we know that your cat is more than a pet—it's part of the family—and as with any family member, you only want the best for it. Whether you just got your first kitten or you're a veteran cat parent, you're going to need some specialized cat supplies to keep your baby healthy and happy.


The most important necessity is cat food. We carry a wide variety of foods to please the most finicky of felines. Look for dry cat food from Purina®, Iams® and our own brand, Member's Mark™. Wet cat food is offered from Purina, Sheba® and Meow Mix. Consider a natural cat food to help keep your pet as healthy as can be. Feeding accessories are also available and include bowls, food storage containers and treat jars. By the way, don't forget the treats.


Next on your list is probably going to be cat litter. Cats can be picky about which litters they will and will not use, but once you and your feline pick one you can both agree on, you'll find we have great members-only pricing on several popular brands. You can also save money by purchasing in bulk.


After your cat has been well fed and has taken care of business, a catnap is in order. Give your pet a comfortable and safe place to curl up for 20 winks with one of our luxurious cat beds. These vary widely and include soft cuddly options that let your cat burrow in them, heated cat beds for cold floors, cat condos for cats that love to climb and ones that mount to windows so they can watch the world outside.

We also carry many other cat supplies to keep your feline friends happy and entertained. Other options keep them pest-free and well groomed too.