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Calendars, Planners & Personal Organizers

At Sam’s Club®, you'll find a range of calendars, planners and personal organizers to help keep your busy life better organized. Whether you need to keep track of the day or your appointments, you are likely to find what you need among the selection of office supplies.

Benefits of Planners & Organizers

The selection of calendars at Sam's Club is meant to suit any taste or need. If you prefer a wall pad that shows a whole year by month, a single month or a single day, they are sure to have the style you prefer. Desk pads lie flat on any hard surface, show one month at a time and tend to have a sturdy chipboard back.

Personal planners and organizers are the handy books you can carry with you anywhere. They come in single-year and multi-year increments and help you keep track of what you have planned each day. These appointment books and planners have protective covers and are either wire bound or stitched to keep each sheet intact. Simply jot down future meetings, social gatherings and appointments on the day they will take place, and you can avoid troublesome scheduling mistakes.

Choosing Personal Organizers

Sam’s Club carries many types of calendars and organizational tools, so there are certain things to keep in mind to help you find the right one for you. Keep in mind the specifications in each of these types of products to know what suits your lifestyle. If you are looking to keep track of the day at work or at home, the selection of wall or desk calendars can help you do just that.

Remembering your various appointments, as well as jotting down daily memos, are made much easier with the use of a planner and personal organizer. These books are sturdy and small enough to easily carry with you. Focusing on your needs can help make your personal organizer, planner or calendar shopping at Sam’s Club easy and productive.