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Calculators & Accessories

Sam’s Club® carries an array of calculators and accessories for home, school and business use. Sam’s Club has a wide range of choices at members-only prices for most any application.

Types of Calculators and Accessories

Texas Instruments is a popular calculator brand for school students since they are simple to use and have many features. This brand's graphing calculators have rechargeable batteries, an LCD display and can accurately demonstrate simple and difficult calculations. Scientific calculators are great for high school level math classes because they have an entry line scrolling feature, allow for review to help students establish learning patterns and because they calculate statistics, conversions, decimals, roots, fractions and logarithms.

Calculators by Casio cover other functions that are ideal for business or personal needs. Portable and desktop printing calculators have compact keyboards that help them fit anywhere and have scrolled paper that prints out your calculations instantly. Tax and currency calculators help individuals work on their own taxes and are a great tool for any CPA. They also have a built-in currency conversion function.

Paper rolls are designed for adding machines and printing calculators. These crisp, premium bond paper rolls provide clear printouts of calculations.

Choosing Calculators and Accessories

Graphing and scientific calculators are excellent tools for students, although many professionals also need these calculators to help them perform their job. If you use adding machines or printing calculators, our multi-packs of paper rolls are a necessary accessory and help you keep track of important calculations. When you need accurate and powerful calculators and related accessories, the selection at Sam’s Club should provide you with all the options you need.