More Categories in Breakroom Supplies

Breakroom Supplies

Sam’s Club® carries a wide variety of breakroom supplies that are meant to keep your office running smoothly and your co-workers ready for any task. Whether you are looking for snacks, paper goods or electronics, Sam’s Club is sure to have the breakroom supplies you want for your office.

Types of Breakroom Supplies

Coffee, tea and cocoa are popular additions to any breakroom. Additionally, coffee makers, like traditional 12-cup models or the modern single-cup varieties by brands like Keurig, are easy to use and clean.

Disposable bowls and other one-use plastic and paper goods, like plates and to-go containers, are useful in office breakrooms for employees to enjoy their lunches without having to fuss with reusable cutlery and plates.

Snacks are a great addition to any breakroom as they help keep co-workers full between meals. At Sam’s Club, we have a large variety of snacks, from cookies and crackers to fresh fruit and cereal bars. Candy is another popular breakroom supply. We carry chocolates by Hershey’s, fruit chews by Starburst and variety packs to please any sweet tooth.

Choosing Breakroom Supplies

To select the correct breakroom supplies for you and your office, keep the following tips in mind.

You could consider using vending machines. They are a popular choice for offices since they employees can instantly get tasty snacks and refreshing beverages, keeping hunger at bay and productivity high. Waste collection and recycling tools, including trash receptacles and bags, help to keep the breakroom tidy and environmentally friendly. Recyclable cups are a great option, for example, if your employees drink lots of coffee or tea because they will create less trash.

Compare prices, product features and consider any special needs your office may have, and you should be able to find the right breakroom supplies at Sam’s Club.