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Office Supplies

It’s easy to keep your office supplies stocked for your home and business. When you order in bulk from Sam’s Club, you’ll get members-only prices and save trips to the store.

If you’re just getting started with office setup, be sure to get some basic office supplies. This includes pens, pencils, highlighters, envelopes, file folder, sticky notes, tape, a stapler and some staples. Other options include stamps, desk accessories for filing papers, calendars, scissors and rubber bands.

Most offices could also benefit from a printer. And in that case, pick up some printer paper and extra ink or toner, depending on what type of printer you choose.

From there, you can choose the office supplies that suit your particular business or project. If you’re setting up a workstation, Sam’s Club has what you need, including adjustable-height desks, also known as standing desks. You may also want an office chair, a bookcase, and something for secure storage. Shop office furniture at Sam’s Club.