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Automotive Electronics Buying Guide

No matter what electronic systems you need to take your driving experience up a notch, Sam's Club has something for you. Sam's Club offers an unrivaled selection of automotive electronics, from backup cameras to GPS navigation systems.

In addition, our selection includes car audio equipment such as car stereos, satellite radio and subwoofers. We also sell chargers for both iPhone and Android smartphones, car alarms, infotainment systems and more.

If you have a pesky check engine light on and are seeking auto repair services, come in to our Tire and Battery Services Center. We offer extensive tire pressure monitoring services, tire installation services and tire maintenance services. We also offer battery installation, battery checks, air pressure checks and wiper blade installation services at no charge to our members.

(Please note that we do not offer air conditioner repair services, oil changes or body repairs such as spark plug replacements.)

Best of all, Sam's Club members can get all of these auto electronics and services at the low prices you expect from Sam's Club. By buying from us, you can rest assured you're paying less than you would at another store, every time.

GPS Navigation

GPS stands for Global Positioning System. The Global Positioning System is made up of a group of 30 satellites placed in orbit by the US Department of Defense. These 30 satellites send signals to electronic devices equipped with GPS navigation, which then allows these devices to calculate their geographical position on earth.

These satellite signals travel at lightspeed, which is equal to 299,792,458 meters per second (or about 186,000 miles per second). Because the signals are always moving at exactly this speed, a GPS navigation system can determine exactly how far away each satellite is by measuring how long it takes their unique signal to reach the GPS. This is roughly how a GPS navigation system works.

Today, most drivers rely on GPS navigation systems to get them where they need to go each day. While many modern cars come equipped with built-in GPS, buying a separate GPS is a great way to give an older car an exciting and practical update.

How to Choose the Best GPS

When it comes to choosing a GPS, it's difficult to choose a "best" GPS. Often, the best GPS for you will depend on your goals and needs. One of our bestsellers is the Garmin RV 780 and Traffic GPS Navigation, which is made for RVs and provides custom routes based on your RV's size and weight.

A popular option for car drivers is the Garmin DriveSmart 61 North America Lifetime Map Touchscreen GPS, which provides real-time traffic and parking updates. For customers looking for a budget option, the Garmin Drive 51 Lifetime Map GPS is smaller than the DriveSmart 61 and doesn't feature real-time traffic updates.

Expect to pay around $399 for a top-of-the-line RV GPS like the Garmin RV 780, around $219 for a high-end car GPS like the DriveSmart 61 and as little as $89 for a budget option like the Drive 51.

Rear View Cameras

Even the most skilled of drivers sometimes have difficulty moving in reverse. That's because, even if you're backing up carefully, it can be hard to know if there's a curb, skateboard, or other low-to-the-ground object behind you. That's why many drivers choose to invest in rear view or backup cameras.

Rear view cameras are small cameras that you mount on the back of your car. These cameras send an image feed to a monitor that you'll place on your dashboard. This gives you a full picture of what's behind you, allowing you to back up skillfully and confidently every time.

Backup cameras save you time and money while also preventing potentially fatal backover accidents. Backing incidents cause thousands of injuries every year—injuries that could be prevented with a backup camera.

Dash cams are also a popular option for safety-minded drivers. Rather than offer a view of the rear of your car, these small cameras sit on your dash and record your driving, ensuring you'll always have an accurate record of any incidents or collisions. This makes it much easier to work with your insurance company after an accident.

How to Choose the Best Backup Camera

At Sam's Club, we currently sell the Garmin Dash Cam Mini, the Whistler WBU-1000 Backup Camera and the Whistler D24RS Dash Camera, though we're often updating our selection. Check back often to see what we have in stock. Determining which camera is best for you largely depends on your preferences and needs.

For example, the Garmin Dash Cam Mini has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to upload saved footage to your smartphone. Many drivers gravitate toward dash cameras with this feature. This camera also highly compact, coming in at about the size of a car key. These sleek features come with a higher price tag than other dash camera options; you can expect to pay $129.98 for a Garmin Dash Cam Mini.

The Whistler Whistler D24RS Dash Camera is a more budget-friendly option that automatically records incidents but does not send footage to your smartphone. It's about the size of half a credit card. You can expect to pay $69.97 for this camera.

The Whistler WBU-1000 Backup Camera, which costs $99.97, is exclusively for rear view use. This camera does not offer Wi-Fi connectivity and is not meant to be used to record. Instead, it provides you with a high-definition view of the area behind your vehicle, reducing dangerous blind spots and helping you stay safe behind the wheel. It's also very low-profile and should blend in with the rear of your car.

If you need assistance adding your rear view or dash camera to your car, a Sam's Club associate will be more than happy to help you. However, most new backup cameras are incredibly easy to install on your own. The Whistler backup camera, for example, only requires a common screwdriver for installation and comes with all mounting hardware included.