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Technology in auto electronics has come a long way over the last few years, and some of the most important advances for consumers have been auto security devices. Many drivers not only worry about the safety of their vehicles when they park them, they also worry about their own safety when they are returning to their parked cars.

There are many auto security devices that will ensure that you and your car are safe and secure. For example, remote keyless entry systems will enable you to lock and unlock your car’s power door locks or trunk from up to 400 feet away so you don’t have to worry about being approached by a stranger as you fumble with your key or door lock. You’ll even find a talking mini car alarm with pre-programmed phrases such as “System is Armed”.

Another automotive device that adds both safety and convenience is a rear view camera system. For years, we have had to rely primarily on our rear view mirrors to see what is behind us, or we have had to turn around and look in the rear window. However, as we all know there are always those troublesome “blind spots” in the corners of the car or beneath the rear window where trouble could be lurking. Luckily rear view camera systems now make it possible to see exactly what is behind your car when you are in reverse. Sam’s Club carries a number of state of the art rear view camera systems that are also very affordable.

Adding these auto electronics will not only make your drive easier, it will also make you and your car safer, and when the prices are as low as they are at Sam’s Club, there is really no reason to take advantage of this 21st century technology.