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Auto Accessories

From keeping your vehicle clean to hitching a trailer, you can find what you're looking for at Sam's Club®. There's a wide array of auto accessories online and In-Club to choose from.

Cleaning and Appearance

Sam's Club has plenty of car wash accessories to choose from. Microfiber towels are great for wiping off your vehicle's exterior for lint- and streak-free results. Air fresheners will keep your car smelling good while all-weather floor mats protect carpet from mud, snow and dirt. You will also find glass cleaners to keep your windshield clear and protectants to shine up the exterior while preventing wear.

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Vehicle Clean?

Keeping your vehicle clean inside and out allows for safe driving and a healthier environment. Maintaining your car's exterior by regularly washing and waxing it will help preserve its color. Salt, grime and dirt may eat away at the paint and metal over time. Cleaning the interior of your vehicle also helps to eliminate bacteria that might be on the steering wheel, the dashboard or on the upholstery.

Motor Oil, Auto Fluids and Degreasers

You can find motor oil, degreasers and other fluids that are important to keep your vehicle going at Sam's Club. Look for brands like Shell, Mobil and Pennzoil at reasonable prices. Check out the variety of motor oils, from synthetic and products containing cleaning additives to high mileage oils, that are available In-Club and online.

Why Is It Important to Change Your Motor Oil and Auto Fluids?

Regular maintenance is important. When it comes to motor oil, changing and checking it as scheduled will keep the working parts of your engine clean and lubricated. Coolant/antifreeze is formulated to prevent your radiator from overheating or freezing. Brake fluid is very significant to maintain and check for safety while on the road. Power steering fluid allows you to effortlessly maneuver your steering wheel. Transmission fluid also helps your engine run smoothly and should be monitored.

Travel Accessories and Car Covers

At Sam's Club, you will find travel accessories to take with you while on the road. Choose from a selection of wind and rain deflectors, ratchets and cargo bags. Car covers are available in a wide array of sizes and will protect your vehicle form dirt, scratches, the sun's rays and inclement weather.

Other Auto Accessories

There's a variety of trailer hitches, truck boxes, power inverters and auto battery chargers to check out. Sam's Club also has bike carriers, as well as a full line of batteries for vehicles, boats, lawn equipment and more.