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When you’re looking to outfit your business with all the products that contribute to a consistently excellent output as well as the comfort of your staff and guests, depending on our selection at Sam’s Club® for the best products with the lowest prices.

What Kind of Office Furniture Do I Need?

Every type of business needs some sort of office furniture to make the business side of the company better organized. We carry an extensive range of just such products, including storage solutions, like bookcases, file cabinets, desks and display cases; office chairs, including stacking and folding, as well as more comfortable task chairs; and an array of desks and workstations, from mobile workspaces to sleek reception desks.

What Type of Office Supplies are Available?

Whether you own a convenience store, operate a religious organization or run a salon, chances are, you’ll need small business office supplies from time-to-time. At Sam’s Club, we offer a vast selection of office supplies to help your operations run smoothly. From paper items like calendars and planners to items used in devices, like printing paper and toner and finally to small tools, like scissors, paper punches and pens, you’re sure to find exactly what you need at the best prices around.

Are There Special Items Available for Hotel and Hospitality Businesses?

Yes! Hotel hospitality businesses need an array of special items that other industries do not. If you’re operating a hotel or have your own Airbnb property to rent, you’ll need top-quality and affordable hotel linens, which includes bedding and towels. Keeping the premises safe and secure is paramount to the comfort of your guests, which is why we recommend perusing our business electronics section, where you’ll discover a range of state-of-the-art security systems, safes and more.

Restaurants, including food trucks, catering companies, cafés and more, are also a part of the hospitality industry and need special kitchen and restaurant supplies to operate successfully. From food preparation tools that make cooking for the masses a cinch to food storage and transport devices that keep food safe and fresh during passage, you’ll surely find the best selection here.

Both restaurants and hotels need housekeeping and janitorial supplies to ensure kitchens, private rooms and common areas are neat and tidy, as well as commercial coffee and tea equipment.

How Can You Help Supply Vending and Concession Businesses?

Whether you own a convenience store, work in hotel hospitality or your own business office, chances are you have vending machines and/or concession stands to keep stocked. These are not only great for your customers and employees, but they’re also like another side business for yourself. At Sam’s Club, we carry an array of modern vending machines for snacks, drinks and combos, many with the chance of excellent rebate deals for yourself and your business. We also have many concession food supplies to help keep your stand or cafeteria better organized. Be sure to check out our vending foods and drinks for the delicious items at bulk prices that help keep your guests coming back for more.