More Categories in Construction Needs

Construction Needs

Prepping for a job? To get the best results with your construction project, you’ll need the right kind of supplies. Sam’s Club® is home to a wide selection of construction tools and safety equipment, designed to help you get the job done.

Ladders and Step Stools

Ladders fall into three main groups, step stools, multi-purpose ladders and extension ladders. Lightweight and relatively portable, step stools and multipurpose ladders are great for jobs that aren’t too high off the ground. They typically top out at 6-feet. Extension ladders provide even more range, sometimes extending as far as 17-feet from the ground, and are ideally suited for outdoor tasks.

Always choose a ladder designed for the work you intend to do. Some folding ladders can be used on stairs or in the middle of a room, while other ladders are designed to rest against the wall. Other features that might affect your decision include the ladder’s weight rating and the material used in the construction of the ladder. Fiberglass ladders are a safer choice if you’re working around power lines or electricity.

Safety Equipment and Accessories

You can never be too safe around the workplace. Sam’s Club is home to a wide selection of safety equipment and accessories. Choose a comfortable pair of ear muffs or ear plugs if you plan to work with loud equipment. Safety goggles help protect the eyes from sparks and flying objects, while gloves provide invaluable insulation against toxic liquids. You can also improve workshop safety or cordon off high-risk areas with warning signs and a mobile safety barrier, all available at Sam’s Club.

Wet/Dry Vacuums and Pressure Washers

You’ll find it a lot easier to clean up if you have the right cleaning tool by your side. Wet/dry vacuums at Sam’s Club come in a range of sizes and designs. Most lightweight wet/dry vacuums hold an average of five gallons, which makes them suitable for cleaning at home or in small workshops. For larger spaces, you may need industrial-class cleaners that may come with a central tank capable of holding as much as 20 gallons.

If you need to get rid of stains or dirt on exterior surfaces, a pressure washer might be in order. Most pressure washers come with wheels, which makes them easy to move. Be sure to match the pressure with the surface being cleaned to avoid any damage. Sam's Club also offers replacement pressure washer parts and pressure washer accessories.