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Water Sports Equipment

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  • WOW Tube-A-Rama Water Sport Island

    Item  #: 735793 |Model #: 03372144
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      Huge 12 foot diamater floatng island with room for up to 10 people. Comes with 2 large coolers and a mesh middle. Great for parties on the water.
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  • Aqua Treadmill

    Item  #: 343853 |Model #: 03372224
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    • Floating capsule that riders can actually move
    • Sprockets grip the water
    • Move where you want to go
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  • Big Bubba Water Sport Towable

    Item  #: 735904 |Model #: 03372004
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      WOW…2 way towing, ride sitting, kneeling, or in the prone position. For 1-2 people. Can ride like a deck tube, cockpit, or chariot style.
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  • Giant Thriller Water Sport Towable

    Item  #: 735946 |Model #: 03371064
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      A tapered construction, 4 person deck tube from WOW.
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  • WOW Heavy Duty 4K Tow Rope

    Item  #: 745372 |Model #: 03372042
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      Heavy-Duty 1-4 Person Tubing Rope with Minimum Stretch Design from WOW.
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  • Maui & Sons Surfboard

    Item  #: 610933 |Model #: MSH13005
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      Designed and tested, and repeated again with one main question: How much volume can we get in a well performing Surfboard? The answer is unbelievable. We have liters of buoyant lightweight EPS for the smoothest ride imaginable.
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  • Ace Water Sport Towable

    Item  #: 735918 |Model #: 03371096
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      A one person partial covered tube with a new arrow shaped design for a smoother ride.
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  • WOW Float

    Item  #: 343895 |Model #: 03372208
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    • Can be used at the pool, lake or river
    • Built-in pillow
    • Side-hugging walls
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  • 6 ft. Lifetime Wave™ Youth Kayak

    Item  #: 148586 |Model #: 90152
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  • 6 ft. Soft Surfboard

    Item  #: 403936 |Model #: 249
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      Comes complete with everything needed for a day of surfing!
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  • Aqua Leisure Waterlife Lounge

    Item  #: 260433 |Model #: SM-3993
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      Relax in the pool or lake this swimming season with the Aqua Leisure Recliner Lounge. It's ergonomic pillow/back rest with integrated mesh bottom keeps you cool and comfortable while submerged in the water.

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  • Big Banana Lounge

    Item  #: 343837 |Model #: 03372216
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    • Uniquely designed
    • Eye-catching
    • Relax on the water
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Results  157 of  57 Page 1  of  1

Summer Fun with Water Sports Equipment

Whether you’re spending the summer poolside, at the lake, or at the beach, the right water sports equipment will make splashing around in the water even more fun. Soak in some rays on a comfy pool lounger. Explore the mysteries of the deep with a snorkel set. Or get the water competition going with sports equipment specially made to get wet. Sam’s Club makes it easy and affordable to maximize your time in the water this summer, so get ready to have some water-soaked fun!