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Water Treatment

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  • Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Alkaline Water Ionizer

    Item  #: 357792 |Model #: AWL-7000
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      The Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 7.0 Water Ionizer filters, purifies and custom varies the pH balance of your water. 7-stage continuous variability pH 4.5 to 11.0.
    Only sold online
  • 5-Stage Manifold Reverse Osmosis - WP 5-50

    Item  #: 473134 |Model #: WP-5-50
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      NSF tested and certified, this reverse osmosis system lets users rest assured that their drinking water is clean and safe.
    Only sold online
  • PUR Faucet Mount Mineral Clear Replacement Filter - 6 pk.

    Item  #: 583949 |Model #: 84871598
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      Enjoy up to 18 months of clean, great-tasting drinking water straight from your faucet.

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  • 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis - Premier TFM 5 SV

    Item  #: 473141 |Model #: 5-STAGE RO
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      This certified, 5-Stage RO produces the highest quality of drinking water for your home.
    Only sold online
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      This water filtration system offers the purest and safest water available on the market today. It uses the same technology commonly used to create bottled water, removing all contaminants that can cause bad tastes. Enjoy great tasting, refreshing drinking water without the cost and hassle of buying bottled water.
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  • 5-Stage RO Filter Green Block Annual Replacement - 7 pc.

    Item  #: 473211 |Model #: RO 7 PACK
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      The kit includes two five-micron sediment filters, four five-micron coconut shell carbon blocks and one 10" inline polishing filter--everything you need for a full year of filter change-outs.
    Only sold online
  • Brita Pitcher Replacement Filters - 8 ct.

    Item  #: 226694 |Model #: 35707
    + More details
      Use Brita for healthier, great tasting water. Fits in all Brita pitchers and dispensers.
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  • Premier 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis

    Item  #: 473125 |Model #: 4-STAGE RO
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      This certified, 4-stage RO produces the highest quality drinking water for your home and family.
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  • Whole House Filter with Bypass Valve

    Item  #: 473148 |Model #: WHOLE HOUSE
    + More details
      Whole House Water Filter with Built-in By-Pass reduces Sediment, Dirt, Rust, & Suspended Particles
    Only sold online
  • Ice Machine 10" Twin Filters Water Filter System

    Item  #: 364400 |Model #: WEB21010
    + More details
      A necessity for ice machines and other directly-plumbed equipment, especially in hard water areas.
    Only sold online
  • Green Block Annual Replacement Filter Pack

    Item  #: 473173 |Model #: GREEN BLOCK
    + More details
      1 Year supply for filtration systems and RO.
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  • Brita® Vintage Pitcher with 2 Filters

    Item  #: 709664 |Model #: 38537
    + More details
      Brita® Vintage Pitcher. Water the way it should taste.
    Only sold in Club
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Results  138 of  38 Page 1  of  1

Affordable Water Purification Solutions

Your drinking water goes through a purification process before it comes out your tap, but that process is hardly comprehensive. Water straight from the tap may contain silt, sediment, rust, chloramines, calcium deposits, trace amounts of lead and arsenic and many other unwanted contaminants. The right water purification supplies take a short time to install and can protect you and your family by making sure your water is always safe to drink. Any of the high quality filtration systems that you can find through Sam’s Club can help truly purify your water so every glass is pure and free of unwanted tastes, odors, or various contaminants. And when you buy through Sam’s Club, these water filtration systems can pay for themselves in a few months when compared to the cost of buying bottled water all the time. At Sam’s Club, you can find everything from a five stage manifold reverse osmosis water purifier for your home to a Brita on the go water bottle with a filter right inside, so you can fill up from any water fountain or tap and have pure, filtered water anywhere you go.


Stop overpaying for bottled water and find affordable water purification solutions at Sam’s Club today.