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  • ProForm® 590 T Treadmill

    Item  #: 399217 |Model #: PFTL60911
    + More details
      • 2.00 CHP Motor
      • 16 Workout Apps
      • 20" x 55" Treadbelt
    $499.00 See options
  • Exerpeutic 1500XL Fitness Walking Electric Treadmill

    Item  #: 74943 |Model #: 1020
    + More details
      This heavy-duty electric walking treadmill will help you get into shape and keep fit no matter your circumstances.
    $371.22 Buy now
  • ProForm® 925 CT Treadmill

    Item  #: 355458 |Model #: PFTL99612
    + More details
      • 3.0 CHP Commercial Pro Motor
      • 7" Backlit Display
      • 20 Workout Apps
      • 20" x 60" Treadbelt
      • iFit Live™ Built-In
      • ProStide™ Cushioning
      • iPod® Compatible
      • Polar Chest Strip Included
    $999.00 See options
  • Exerpeutic Walk-To-Fit Electric Treadmill

    Item  #: 952264 |Model #: 1101
    + More details
      This Exerpeutic Walk-To-Fit Electric Treadmill is foldable and moves easily.
    $289.77 Buy now
  • HealthRider R60 Treadmill - Original Price $798, Save $199

    Item  #: 930648 |Model #: HRTL0712
    + More details

      Original Price: $798

      Save: $199

      Get fit fast with the 2.0 CHP HealthRider R60 treadmill.

    $599.00 See options
  • ProForm® Power 1080 Treadmill

    Item  #: 355193 |Model #: PFTL11011
    + More details
      • 3.25 CHP Commercial Motor
      • 7" Full-Color Touch Screen
      • 32 Workout Apps
      • 20" x 60" Treadbelt
      • iFit Live™ Built-In
      • ProShox™ Elite 2 Cushioning
      • Compatible Music Port for iPod®
    $1,299.00 See options
  • ProForm® Performance 1450 Treadmill

    Item  #: 399308 |Model #: PFTL14511
    + More details
      • 3.25 CHP Commercial Motor
      • 10" Full Color Touch Screen
      • 28 Workout Apps
      • 20" x 60" Treadbelt
      • iFit Live™ Built-In
      • ProShox Plus™ Cushioning
    $1,349.00 See options
  • Epic A30T Treadmill

    Item  #: 466318 |Model #: EPTL99112
    + More details
      The EPIC A30T Treadmill combines reliable equipment with interactive, cutting-edge technology. You can train with programs designed by a certified personal trainer, track your progress, compete with friends, and more.
    $999.00 See options
  • Stamina Avari Magnetic Treadmill

    Item  #: 398778 |Model #: A450-255
    + More details
      Get a great walking, jogging, or running workout at home with the Avari® Magnetic Treadmill. Treadmills are the most used of all exercise equipment for burning calories, toning, and staying in shape.
    $249.98 Buy now
  • ProForm® Performance 1850 Treadmill

    Item  #: 501142 |Model #: PFTL20511
    + More details
      • 4.0 CHP Commercial Pro Motor
      • 10" Full-Color Touch Screen
      • 15” HDTV
      • 36 Workout Apps
      • 20" x 60" Treadbelt
      • iFit Live™ Built-In
      • ProShox Plus™ Cushioning
      • Compatible Music Port for iPod®
    $1,999.00 See options
  • Reebok 1910 Treadmill

    Item  #: 294919 |Model #: RBTL19013
    + More details
      • 4.25 CHP motor
      • Speed and durability for users of every size
      • Full color HD display
      • Google Maps™ powered workouts
      • Incline and decline settings
    $1,799.00 See options
  • ProForm Cardio Smart Treadmill

    Item  #: 639055 |Model #: PFTL98113
    + More details

      ProForm Cardio Smart Allows you to train in comfort for better results. Featuring ProShox™ cushioning, the Cardio Smart delivers a more comfortable running surface while reducing impact on your joints with each step. The built-in iFit® enabled technology gets you instant access to Google Maps™ routes, automatic stat tracking and unlimited workouts.

    $1,299.00 Buy now
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Results  129 of  29 Page 1  of  1

Treadmill Buying Tips

  • Many people opt to purchase commercial treadmills rather than travel to the gym every time they want to exercise. Home commercial treadmills deliver the same benefits and can be used at any time in the convenience of your own home. At membership gyms you have to worry about equipment availability, gym hours, etc. With a commercial treadmill in your home, all of those concerns are gone, yet all of the health benefits remain.
  • Treadmills are perfect for beginners as well as regular exercisers because they allow you to go at your own pace. You can start by walking and then steadily increase speed to a jog or running pace. In addition, some models of electric treadmills allow you to increase the incline of the base, so it becomes more difficult by simulating an uphill walk, jog, or run.
  • Many health benefits come along with regularly using a treadmill. One such benefit is an increased metabolism. You will begin to train your body to burn more calories at a faster rate than prior to using the treadmill. Of course, burning more calories means losing more weight in order to maintain a healthy figure.
  • The great thing about owning a standard treadmill is that it is always there for you. You can start by using it just a couple to a few times a week, and then increase usage as you see fit and interest. Many people like to place their standard treadmill in front of a television or stereo so they can be entertained while they train.
  • Consider buying a treadmill with guard rails and/or an emergency stop option in case you lose your balance while jogging or running. It is important to begin at a level which feels comfortable for you. Listen to your body; regular use of the treadmill will get you on your way to gaining more stamina – there is no need to rush things.
  • It is suggested to wear a comfortable, well-laced pair of running or jogging sneakers when using your treadmill. Using shoes or other types of sneakers not initially meant for running can cause aches and pains in your feet, ankles, and knees.
  • Some people opt to purchase treadmill mats to place down below their treadmills to lessen the impact of the treadmill on the floor. In addition, treadmill mats allow for additional cushion on your legs and feet.
  • Folding treadmills are convenient for small areas. Folding treadmills can easily be put away or placed in a corner when not in use.