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Choosing Your New Trampoline

A trampoline can deliver endless entertainment and exercise for the kids and the entire family. Need a bit of guidance with your trampoline purchase? Following is some additional information about trampolines to help you select the one that's perfect for your family.


Trampoline Shapes

Round trampolines are the most common trampoline shape. They invite jumpers to stay safely in the middle. Round trampoline springs work differently than other springs, in that they all work at the same time. Other springs generally work more independently.


An octagonal or oval trampoline allows for a bigger jumping area and allows the jumper to deviate from the middle of the trampoline for different jumping patterns.


Rectangular trampolines provide a large jumping space. The springs on a rectangular trampoline tend to be a bit more flexible than those on other trampolines, allowing for a higher bounce.


Square trampolines are constructed in a similar fashion to rectangular trampolines, but they usually do not allow for quite as much buoyancy.


Trampoline Size

The size of a trampoline's diameter is highly individual to the model selected. Trampolines can range from somewhere around a six-foot diameter up to a twenty-foot diameter. The size of trampoline that's right for you depends upon your preference and the area you have available. Be sure to allow at least five feet of clearance on all edges of your trampoline. Also be certain that you have about thirty feet of clear, open space above the trampoline. These space allowances are critical for jumper safety.


Trampoline Enclosures

Trampoline enclosures are good for safety. They prevent jumpers from falling off the trampoline and potentially injuring themselves. A trampoline enclosure is usually made of a mesh material and encompasses the entire trampoline area. A trampoline enclosure is an especially good choice if young children will be jumping on your trampoline. Another good add-on that helps to facilitate safety is a trampoline ladder, which provides a safe entrance and exit from the trampoline surface. For younger children, consider playsets to complement a trampoline and allow independent play.